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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I'm a Christian and this all sounds a little 'woo-woo' to me - can we talk about my concerns and questions in regard to my own religion?


Absolutely!  I have clients from all walks of life and religion or who are not religious.  We can agree on what you understand Spirit or God to be and work in the vernacular you are comfortable with.  I do think though that you benefit more from Intuitive Counseling if you at least acknowledge a God energy or some source greater than you.


2.  If you refer me to one of the associates you have listed, will the two of you talk to each other about me or do I have to start all over from the beginning with them, too?  


If you give your permission, I will be happy to discuss my referral of you in advance of your appointment. But please understand that we do not discuss clients without their expressed permission to do so.


3.  Are follow-up questions by email part of the session?

I do encourage you to let me know how you are doing and if you have questions after a session, but please understand that while I am happy to respond to a few questions, if the process becomes lengthy, another paid session is in order.


4.  Are you taking notes and are they available to me after the session?


I do take sketchy notes, but nothing I could show anyone else!  Generally when I am channeling it would be impossible to take notes for someone else to read and make any sense of (sorry!).  In person, you are welcome to use your phone or other recording device.  Until then, I rely on Spirit to help you remember and bring what you need to know to you when the occasion arises.  They have an awesome memory!


5.  Why do you ask me to refresh your memory about our last visit?


When I channel through Spirit, I don't remember much about what we've said when the session is over. Between that and just plain getting older, my memory sometimes needs a little help!  Usually, Spirit prepares me in advance of our appointment, but just because I ask you to refresh my memory doesn't mean I am indifferent or choose not to remember.  I always give any work for you to Spirit at the end of the sessions and know they will take care of everything.  Then, I go right back to my normal, every day life.  Also, a quick update from you provides more time for the big things you'll want to discuss.

6.  Do you do reiki?

I have always been able to do energy healing.  I do not have a certificate in Reiki or other healing modality, but I can do energetic healing.  I often ask to 'balance' someones energy - especially if it is interfering with their progress.  

7.  Do you do marriage counseling?

I absolutely do!  In fact, it's one of my favorite things to do.  I don't do it in the traditional sense - I communicate very well with men, so I make it interesting for them.  I think everyone benefits from marriage counseling, whether with me or someone else.  There are so many things we don't know about how to have a successful relationship.  So even if you are just starting out, seek some real advice on how to make your marriage work.

8.  Can you help me ground/protect myself from spirit that is not safe?

Absolutely!  There are a few quick and easy methods to teach you to surround yourself with good energy.  I recommend it for everyone.

9.  Do you do past life regression?


I sure do and I love that work!  It is literally possible to heal all kinds of things with people from the other side, by addressing and learning from past lives, and cleaning/clearing the energy flow from the past to the future.  There are some simple explanations for past life, too.  So just because the word 'regression' is used, doesn't mean you have to be hypnotized or an expert on Spirit to figure it out.  So many things in life can be both explained and cleared up with past life work, but you have to be willing to do the work.


10.  Got more questions?  Call Lynn (269-223-1382) text or email  Thanks!

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