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Extraordinary Sessions

I have been studying different methods of working with Spirit for many years.  Curiosity and need have driven me to question Spirit and to develop specific ways to accomplish remarkable changes here on earth.  I am blessed to do this work and have these tools:


The Women Of Wisdom


This work takes at least four hours to accomplish.  You can choose to be present, or you do not have to be.  It is not for everyone, but if it is something Spirit suggests you can benefit from, it can truly change your life.  


The premise is that you came here to earth not truly in totality.  You can be taken back to Spirit as a baby and passed around a group of extremely specialized women, who will make suggestions, or a prescription for your soul to be more whole.  These suggestions are placed in a cradle and after the process is completed, sent to God for approval.  They will then be placed into your body over the course of weeks or months, as decided.  Sort of like 'surgery for the soul' - but no pain involved and the outcome is always excellent.


It is a complicated process at best.  It requires a lot of serious decisions be made.  It requires a knowledge of spiritual, medical, emotional, and physical aspects that must be discerned in the gathering.  Often our client falls asleep during the process, facilitated by Spirit to allow more work to be done.


It is an honor and gift from Spirit and absolutely life changing.  It requires a leap of faith, but it is nothing short of a miracle. Clients who do this report being tired from the experience, but it rarely lasts more than two days.  They also report a 'shift' in their lives and many remarkable changes.


Please feel free to call me for more information.  I am happy to describe the process in more detail.  I cannot tell you how honored I am to know about this work and facilitate it.  Spirit has remarkable healing abilities and this session is proof.




The work of vestiges is something that I learned from an American Indian spirit I call 'Alma'.  She has helped me over the years heal others and always brings a strong healing.  In working with her on what I call, 'vestiges', she helped me develop a process that can remove the parts of a past life, or difficult parts of this life, leaving only the lessons learned from it and the good memories.  So for instance, if you had a difficult childhood, this process can remove the parts that you never needed, the bad parts you don't need to remember, and leave the good memories along with the lessons you learned from it.  It is a delicate balance in relation to your specific past and how strong you are about your personal life choices.  We all have choice and free will and so you must have a clear understanding of it for this work to take place.


This work requires multiple sessions to prepare - or at least two sessions with me to determine you have worked through the issues you wish to 'sort' - the vestiges of the memories/life.  This work can be done with past lives, current lives and in your soul.  A reasonable knowledge of Spirit and working with Spirit is required, so sessions before the work may be necessary to get you to that point.


In my Augusta, Michigan office, the rate is $75 an hour.  In other cities, because I have travel expenses, it is $100 an hour. The actual 'sorting of vestiges' will take at least 2 hours and could take 3.  The remaining work Spirit will accomplish can take up to 3 months.  


Please feel free to call me for more information.  I am happy to discuss your particular situation in regard to this work and come up with a plan of the time it will require.  I honor 'Kanadega's Mother' in this work and am so thankful for the influence she has in my life and the miraculous work she has taught me.  


Symbolic Fire


This ritual is a easier than the above two.  In this work, Spirit presents me with a collection of items specific to you and your life.  They set them up much like a yard sale on a table before a blazing fire.  I identify each item to you, explain the significance of it and ask you whether or not you want to keep it or throw it into the fire.  Much like 'sorting the vestiges', it is work of the soul, but doesn't necessarily have the difficult history with it.  Often, we just pick up things through our life or lifetimes and don't need them anymore.  Picture a backpack filled with these items as you hike your way through this life. Want to lighten the load?  This process offers you the opportunity to do just that.  


Tailored to each client, it can take 2-3 hours to work through these items and their significance.  Those clients needing a more visual representation of the work can bring plates to write on and throw them as well.  Often times, we think we have cleared events or history for ourselves, only to realize it still remains.    


Expect to get rid of emotions, history and 'things' in your life once and for all.  Expect the method to truly 'seat' itself with you and significant change to take place.  


This method isn't for everyone, but those willing to take the leap of faith to understand the process will be rewarded with a higher understanding of themselves and Spirit.  


The rate of this work is $75 per hour, you can expect it to take up to 4 hours total for the entire process.  Please feel free to call me for more information or to determine if this work is right for you.  I honor the work of Spirit, especially Mariah, in this work and am thankful for the opportunity.





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