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All About The Classes - You'll Love Them!

All of the classes can be taught in a small or large setting.  They can be added together or taught over time.  I highly recommend you take the "What If Heaven Made A Little More Sense" class first, as it covers the basics and lays the foundation for getting the most out of the others.  I can come to where you are, or I have an office/classroom in Richland, Michigan.  These classes are fun, insightful, interactive and will make a positive change in your life.  I have purposefully made them affordable for everyone.  Just a warning though:  They are life changing!



As one of my favorite mentors says, ""Well hello!  We can all use a little more clarity in life!"  I truly agree with that.  Clarity is that thing we forget to look for all the time.  And yet, when we talk about taking a leap of faith - and we will in this class - you'll want all the clarity you can get first!


Clarity and Fear go well together because we fear what we don't understand. I think we can all agree we don't understand everything..... and so it goes.  I will teach you simple tools to clarity you can find in your every day life.  We will talk about whether you are a water, land or air person and just knowing that will help direct your footsteps to clarity.  We'll learn a little math, talk about spoons, and even discuss past lives, throw in a dash of Grace and before you know it, things will be really clear.  Put your compass back to true clarity!




People (that's all of us) fear what we don't understand.  Fear is one of the biggest forces in our life and it is significant in body (health), mind, energy, and soul development. When you are fearful your decisions are not clear and the outcomes are often not what you expected.  


Not sleeping?  Let's talk about fear.  Crying too much?  Let's talk about fear. Sad, lonely, depressed?  Fear is probably the biggest culprit.  Eating everything you can get your hands on?  Hello Fear!  So if we know that fear comes because we don't understand something, then let's get it out in the open and figure it out!  


This class will teach you how to address your fear, step into it and change what it means to you.  Balancing the fear and love in your life is top of the list in healing, laughing and loving.  Everyone has it, few take the time to meet it head on and change it.  Don't be afraid to take this class - it is life changing!




I like to teach time in conjunction with Clarity.  Time is not only about the clock. It is mostly about all the cliches we have been taught and why they don't always work. For instance, Dr. Phil says, "Time does not heal all wounds: people heal all wounds." And John F. Kennedy said, "We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch."  If your life is busy, your biggest nemesis is probably time. If you are struggling with loneliness, time is not your friend.


This class explores what we know about time and how we can change it to benefit our lives.  I hope you'll take the time to take the course!


Where would we be without grace?  I love grace!  It brings me such peace to know it exists and I love that I have it in my life.  Some people believe grace is earned, but I don't.  I believe it is a gift straight from Spirit and we should honor it every moment. Anne Lamott said, "I do not at all understand the mystery of grace - only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us."  Oh how I love grace!


This class will bring you into the sacred circle with grace and you will never be the same!  It is a perfect compliment to the sacred class and to the class on circles. Expand your thoughts about grace and you'll take a smile with you everywhere you go.

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