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All About The Classes - You'll Love Them!

All of the classes can be taught in a small or large setting.  They can be added together or taught over time.  I highly recommend you take the "What If Heaven Made A Little More Sense" class first, as it covers the basics and lays the foundation for getting the most out of the others.  I can come to where you are, or I have an office/classroom in Richland, Michigan.  These classes are fun, insightful, interactive and will make a positive change in your life.  I have purposefully made them affordable for everyone.  Just a warning though:  They are life changing!

A Soft Place To Fall

Every single one of us, with no exceptions, need a soft place to fall.  Sometimes we think we have one and don't, need one and don't think we do, or just plain don't know how to honor the one we have!  So this class is all about finding, identifying and honoring a soft place to fall in your life.  Please hear me say this is essential for you to be happy, healthy and loved.  Essential.  


If your soft place to fall person wants to come to class with you - that's great!  We will talk about how it can be even better.  And if you don't have one - never fear!  This class will offer up solutions for you and the steps you can take to getting there.  


Even if you don't take this class, make sure you have one!

Perfect To Take With Your Children!

Home Sweet Home


Okay - I am crazy about home.  I firmly believe it should have certain ingredients and this class will cover them all.  So many people don't give it enough attention, don't nurture their need for a home.  There are homes in all kinds of places!  A church home, a work home, a community home, a nursing home...... the list goes on.  Let's talk about yours and why you think it is.  Let's talk about other people who have homes and don't even realize it.  Let's talk about what it takes to actually have one - not much!


WARNING:  This class is easy to discuss, but will leave you wanting to truly get home!





Well who doesn't need this?  Look all around you in the world and you'll spot a zillion people trying to find love, give love, take love.  It's an art to love and leave no trace.


We'll explore all the facets of love and why we all work so hard at it.  Is it really necessary?  What's the opposite of it?  Can love change who you are?  Can you love someone else enough to change who they are?  Is that a smart idea?  Can all the love in the world change something?  Do you need to believe that?  


I'm telling you if you are a curious person who thinks things through, love will keep you going for hours!  But never fear, we can have this class in one hour and make a big difference in the way you see and feel love.  

Lynn McWilliams


Personal sessions are always available either by phone or in person at Lynn's office in Augusta, Michigan.  If you would like for Lynn to come to where you are, there are different fees for travel and accommodations.  Group weekends with individual sessions are also available, but a minimum number of attendees are necessary depending on the location.  


Expect your personal session with Lynn to be frank and to the point.  Lynn channels from Spirit and while she is happy to answer your questions, you can also be sure she will tell you what Spirit needs you to know.  


If you would like to take any of the classes by phone, that can happen, but please look for live webcasts on this site in the future as well.  Lastly, I do recommend that your first session be a 2 hour one.  There is a lot of catching up with Spirit to do on the first session!


Oh and be advised:  All this comes with a southern accent!




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