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All About The Classes - You'll Love Them!

All of the classes can be taught in a small or large setting.  They can be added together or taught over time.  I highly recommend you take the "What If Heaven Made A Little More Sense" class first, as it covers the basics and lays the foundation for getting the most out of the others.  I can come to where you are, or I have an office/classroom in Augusta, Michigan.  These classes are fun, insightful, interactive and will make a positive change in your life.  I have purposefully made them affordable for everyone.  Just a warning though:  They are life changing!

What If Heaven Made A Little More Sense?

Well, what if it did?  Why are you here?  What are you here for?  How did you manage to be surrounded by these people?  Who picked your parents?  Oh!  The list goes on and on....  


Did you know the most asked question of intuitives and psychics is, "Why am I here?".  It's a valid question.  You deserve some answers!  I do not proclaim to have all the answers, but I do have some and they make sense. They have helped me figure out this life and I believe they will help you, too.  Some people have religious based beliefs, others choose not to address it through religion, but for those of us who are curious about life, digging a little deeper into it really matters.  


This course is essential to understanding your spiritual self and those around you.  It is insightful and based on a nuts and bolts set of blueprints you can see and make for yourself. Learn to be the CEO of your own spiritual corporation.  This class will teach you how to use the tools and gifts right at your fingertips to make a real difference in your life right now!  

NOTE:  There is a book coming on this!  Watch for it!


This is the perfect couples class!  It's all about what you think you agreed to and what your partner thinks they agreed to and I promise you it was not the same!  It is filled with laughter, insight, hilarious stories, and music!  You will learn where the crack in the vase is (no it's not a scavenger hunt), and whether or not it is leaking. And if you don't know who John Mellencamp is, you will after this class is over.  In fact, I bet you leave humming one of his songs!


Let's face it, some people are not excited about touchy, feely stuff.  But if you are someone who would just love to sneak it in the conversation anyway,  this course is designed to do just that and it will strengthen the bond you have while you do it. We may even learn a dance step or two....  


I also teach this as a separate life class and not for couples.  Covenants apply to every single person in our lives.  Even the lady at the grocery checkout counter!  So I believe it is the cornerstone of the classes and highly recommend it to everyone!  

Before The Wedding Class!

Defining Moments and Miracles

We all have defining moments and miracles in our lives.  Defining moments happen more frequently than miracles, but miracles do happen to everyone.  In this class you will learn to make a timeline of your own life using both defining moments and miracles.  It requires some thought, introspection, clarity and determination.  I discovered this technique quite by accident while helping my son with his homework. It was, to quote Oprah, "A real light bulb moment!"  


I promise to help you do this and give you some valuable tips on discerning what does and does not belong on the list.  It is also fun and helpful to bring someone to this class who knows you well and remembers some of the defining moments in your life. You'll be surprised how it will map out exactly who you are.


At the very least, think about the miracles in your life.  We all have them, so no excuses! It may take some thought, but it's worth the time!



Most Popular Class!


The rules about life really are simple:  Life is all about choices and the consequences of those choices.  We make them constantly.  Sometimes we don't even realize it!  This class is about all the choices we make, why we make them, the guilt that influences our choices, the teachings of our childhood and the should's we drive ourselves crazy with every day.  


My favorite part of choices is helping you understand the choices you make that seem to be inevitable are like that for a reason and really aren't inevitable at all.  When we learn the hows and whys of our choices, we begin to make them differently.  Those kinds of changes in your life make an enormous difference in your mind, body and soul.


If you have a choice about taking a class, this one should definitely be on your list!  (See how that 'should' made you think?)

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