Lynn McWilliams
7372 Stoney Creek Drive
Augusta, Michigan  49012

To Contact Lynn By Email:


Please send an email to



I check it every day and would love to 

hear from you!



$75-$150 per hour either by phone

   or in a personal session.


NOTE:  Effective September 1, 2021,

I will be charging $75 per hour for phone sessions

and have a minimum of one hour.  

I do recommend a two hour session the first time,

as Spirit always has a lot of information to cover,

but you do not have to book more than an hour.

NOTE:  All sessions are payable by check,

cash or credit card. Please be prepared to pay phone sessions with a credit card at the end of each call.

My home office in Augusta, Michigan is

comfy and perfect for a session or class!

$75 an hour payable by cash, check or

credit card.  Call me for your

appointment today!



Thanks So Much!

 Just a note about fees going up:  After MUCH thought and talking with close friends/clients/and Gloria, I am taking the long overdue step to raise my rates (it's been $50 hr for over 15 years).  While it is my job, it's not about the money for me.  I love my job and hope it helps in healing somehow here on earth.  If you can't afford the $75 an hour, please don't let it keep you from calling me - let's work it out.  And a HUGE thank you to all those who know me and have encouraged me to make this step - I love that you care enough to support me - it brings me great joy.  BIG HUGS!  Lynn