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All About The Classes - You'll Love Them!

All of the classes can be taught in an individual, small or large setting.  They can be added together or taught over time.  I highly recommend you take the "What If Heaven Made A Little More Sense" class first, as it covers the basics and lays the foundation for getting the most out of the others.  I can come to where you are, or I have an office/classroom in Richland, Michigan.  These classes are fun, insightful, interactive and will make a positive change in your life.  I have purposefully made them affordable for everyone.  Just a warning though:  They are life changing!



One of the most difficult things people deal with is change.  And yet, it is all around us.  People get sick, stressed, depressed and very emotional about change even if it is good change.  An unknown person said, "Change is God's way of asking you to grow.  Change is a good thing....except when it's not." They were probably unknown because they couldn't accept how their world would change if someone knew they said that!  This class gives you simple tools to help you embrace and invite change.  


So if you are struggling with change, perhaps getting a wrinkle here and there, changing your job, dealing with the loss of someone you love, moving or you don't think you have any change in life.  This is the class for you.  But be careful:  It will change how you look at life! 

Ask Me About Light Therapy!



I have a few!  How about you?  Regrets can keep you up at night.  Are you one of those people who go over and over conversations in your head to make sure you don't have any regrets?  Did you handle something poorly in your past?  Not take advantage of an opportunity to love someone or perhaps you did and wish you had not?  So many regrets......they come in all shapes and sizes.  I always think of a labyrinth when I think about regrets, because our lives are so intricate and woven together.


Take this class and learn about regrets, where they come from and why you have them.  Learn to sort out what you really regret and what you just think you do.  Or maybe you don't have any regrets, then I guess you're cured! Not! Consider taking this class with Circles, because once you understand the ins and outs of regrets, you'll want to start closing up some circles pretty quick!





I love the circles class!  Healing just bounces all over the room when we learn about circles and how to start/close them.  Circles occur with everyone you know.  Some are not intentional, but happen anyway.  Some were set into your life and you never had a chance to avoid them.  You can make a circle with the cashier at the grocery store and I guarantee you there is one with your mother!  So many opportunities to really make a huge shift in your life and the life of someone else.  


Fun stories, laughter and introspection are overflowing in this class.  Bring someone you like to be with - it's a great class for a group of friends and family members!  (Or both if you're lucky enough to have that!)  You'll never see a circle again and not think about how it's formed and what to do about it....and that's a really good thing!


Great Friends Class!



We all hold so many things sacred.  Most people connect religion with the word sacred and I do, too.  But there is so much more.  The relationship I have with my child is sacred.  The covenants I have with my husband are sacred.  The source of the healing work I do is very sacred to me.  Kindness is sacred, as is genuine love.


Learning about the sacred and the reason you hold something sacred is so important!  Often we hold things sacred that might not be necessary and conversely, we don't find the sacred when it would serve us well to.  Bring all the things you hold in your heart to this class and take a moment to dig a little deeper into the sacred.  


Of course, Spirit is all about the sacred.  Blessings, miracles, and hugs are all a part of the sacred - so be prepared to get a hug or two to celebrate it. We don't celebrate the sacred enough, but we will in this class!



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