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Over the years, I have been honored to work with some truly amazing people.  Often in grief counseling and intuitive work, other types of healers are very beneficial to the process.  I have come to understand that every healer specializes in different modalities.  When these needs arise, I call on someone I know can get the job done, because I've experienced it personally.  The following women and I work together for a myriad of clients and I am honored to share their information with you.  Often after a session with me, I can put a 'prescription' in with them for you - I can read exactly where the origin of your mind, body, spirit, emotional issues come from, and direct them to that specific area.  It often gets the job done much quicker and when you go directly to the source, you'd be surprised how many other things just heal themselves/fall into place.  If you do call them, please let them know I suggested their services and take a moment to thank them for the healing they do every single day.

Kim Ditto, MA, LLP


Kim is a remarkable counselor and specializes in children.  She is a middle school counselor and sees clients in her private practice as well.  She has an amazing life story that includes a serious car accident leaving her with severe Traumatic Brain Injury.  Because of the phenomenal work she has done for herself in that regard, she is brilliant at TBI work with clients and also understands PTSD better than most.  She is intuitive and has a natural desire to not just help, but do it with love.  I will be forever grateful for all the things she has taught me! 


Kim and I met each other when my son was in her middle school. 

We volunteered together and formed an organization for honors students in the school, who learned about everything from community volunteering to one-on-one tutoring. 

She is an amazing person and if there are angels on this earth (and I think

there surely are), she is undeniably one of them. 

In the last few years, Kim counseled a member of my family with Alzeheimer's.  It has been so helpful in helping understand the challenges and ultimate repercussions of the disease.  Moreover, it has helped our family understand our part in managing the illness and learning to cope with the changing and scary aspects of it.  She is now also taking on other Alzeheimer's patients and if that illness has touched your family or those you care about, she would be an asset to you all.  We are certainly thankful for her contributions to us.  


Kim is based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, but does phone appointments.  She can file for some insurance coverage.   269-599-6776. 

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Catherine VanTil , Acupuncture


Cat is a genius at Acupuncture.  I've seen her do amazing things and always with such depth and kindness.  Acupuncture is so multi-faceted.  It can provide true relief for all kinds of things including muscle/joint pain, digestion, respiratory, emotional, nervous system, heart and blood, skin, chronic pain, and addictions.  

I watched Cat treat her mother through a very difficult and painful illness with an unbelievable amount of success.  She truly gave her quality of life in a painful situation.  She is kind, caring, so smart, and intuitive.  

If you are struggling with life, and want to try a holistic approach, consider acupuncture. Cat can be reached at Beaubien Holistic Care in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Call 616-321-9221 for an appointment.  And if you're not located near Grand Rapids, look for a holistic practitioner near you.  Ask if they are intuitive!  That makes an enormous difference.

Shelly Winney, Medium & Spiritual Healer

There are different kinds of healers and intuitive's in our wonderful world.  I am probably

the pickiest person ever when it comes to recommending another intuitive/lightworker, because I need them to be really careful, smart, open-minded, truly and deeply intuitive,

and come from a place of pure love.  I don't find it often, but when I do, I make an appointment with them myself to learn, grow, and heal.

Shelly Winney is just such a person.  She approaches it differently than I do, but she sure knows what she's doing.  Shelly Winney holds a BA from Eastern Michigan University in political science and women studies. She graduated from Blue Heron Academy in 2005 and is nationally certified through the American Medical Massage Association. Shelly is a gifted 3rd generation intuitive healer. She uses her intuitive skills along with her knowledge of the body to help create a healing experience effecting the mind, body and spirit. Continually taking classes to perfect her skills, she specializes in deep tissue, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, sports injuries, and back and neck problems.  Oh but she does so much more!

Shelly can be reached at The Healing Nest in Grand Rapids at 616-799-1185. 

She tunes me up all the time!  

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