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Fight/Flight (Anxiety & Empaths)

Many people experience anxiety.  Sometimes anxiety is related to a life challenge/trauma that is ongoing, but often, it is from past trauma and more imbedded in your body.  I have suffered from Fight/Flight all my life and I deeply understand it.  Because I wanted to help myself, I developed over many years, a method to help gain control of your anxiety and put your Fight/Flight back into the box.  It requires work, conversation, and a willingness to keep at it until your body understands, but it is very effective and you will get great results.

I have worked with PTSD with the military, young people experiencing anxiety, senior citizens facing death, mothers facing birth, divorce, severe loss, keening, and more.  Earth is just a big teaching center.  We are here to learn life lessons.  Often those life lessons are very difficult and our Fight/Flight responds to the Fear.  The two greatest energies we have on this planet are Love and Fear.  Often people use Fear, because Love doesn't work fast enough or scare people into doing what we want them to do.  Fear can certainly lead to trauma and trauma leads to Fight/Flight.  There is a reason for it, but we are often so embroiled in our Fear, that the Fight/Flight system simply takes over to help us cope.  

If you suffer from anxiety, OCD, Fight/Flight, please consider a session to discuss a very simply way to gain control of your body's response to it.  Often after a 2 hour session, you will get real tools to help you begin to turn your emotions around.  Fight/Flight does not have to rule your life.  There is a simple way to walk out of it.  

And please, don't hesitate to get counseling or endeavor to heal yourself.  You are your best tool in making a difference in your own life!  

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