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Animal Totems and Spirit 101 Training

A lot of humans crave a deeper connection with Spirit and a better way to communicate.  We are all born with an angel, and a global axis around us that contains our Animal Spirits.  They are limited in helping us until we acknowledge them, because we have choice and free will here on earth.  So, it is our job to identify them and light them up!  

I use the book, Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews for this class and highly recommend everyone own it.  I also use 'Nature Speak' and 'Animal Wise', by Ted Andrews, but 'Animal Speak' is most prevalent.  I will have extra copies available for use in all classes.

Imagine that you have this axis of animal spirit around you.  That's pretty significant, but you might also have insects, birds, fauna and flora, to help you traverse this life as well.  And this class will address it all!  We will put these elements into their proper place around you, with your agreement, and light them up in a simple, yet very effective ceremony.

In addition, we will discuss numbers and you will get a simple guideline to communicate with Spirit in that way.  All these elements combine to help bring you closer to a clearer spiritual connection.  And, it's fun!  So come with an open mind, a great desire to learn something new, and a gratitude for more about Spirit than you can actually see.  You'll be surprised how much it will change you in a positive way!

Private sessions for your animal totems are also recommended and take about an hour.  We go more in depth on the totems and why they are specific to you.  If you have the book, I'll send you the other paperwork and we can accomplish it by phone if you prefer.  Either way, you will be glad you did!

Please contact Lynn McWilliams at 269-223-1382 (call or text), email at for more information on class locations and sessions.  

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France

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