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Hi Everyone, Due to the Corona Virus, my office is still sometimes closed.  I am always available for phone sessions.  Please don't hesitate to call, email or text me. 

Remember this is all about life lessons.  So, please be kind, do what you can to help,

try to understand, stay safe, and be well.  Lynn   

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Spiritual Intuitive
Counselor and Teacher


Lynn McWilliams brings Spirit to you through a personal channeling experience that can help you see life from a different point of view.  


Intuitive from an early age, Lynn has a unique way of looking at every problem, to help you see it in a new light and find the pathway to changing it.  Years ago, Lynn channeled a sensible approach to managing Spirit in your life and has been teaching it with her special brand of humor and a strong desire to heal both herself and others.  


What if heaven did make a little more sense?  What if you understood how you got to this point in your life?  What is this life all about anyway? Those are some of the premises and portals through which you can come to understand who you are and why you are here on earth, because it's never too soon to get a clearer picture of yourself!

When I talk about having met with you, I always tell people it’s like going to a therapist who really knows you well. That’s what helps them understand how you work and makes people who “may not be into this sort of thing” wrap their heads around it. I tell them that you tell me like it is and you know the issues/aspects to zone in on. Your approach is refreshing and you’re funny and personable.  

Jennifer, Indianapolis, Indiana


I have always experienced Spirit as it comes to Lynn to have an agenda that is big enough to talk for at least a month non-stop!  Fortunately, Lynn zeros in on the most important things to bring to each client and makes a truly notable and positive difference in lives.

Jacki Madison, PhD, PMHCNS-BC


I love feeling the connection Lynn provides, even from across the country!  The insights have

changed how I approach my day-to-day life and helped me connect the dots between what I know about 

Spirit in my own life and how I can use it more sensibly.  

Susan, Gainesville, Florida


I just want to tell all my friends about our conversation and get them to come visit you, too!  I literally could sit here and talk to you all day....the questions just keep coming!  

Clarence, Kalamazoo, Michigan


A lot of people can benefit from just coming in to talk to you.  We all need someone to talk to and why not do it from a spiritual point of view?  Let's get the word out!

Steve, Richland, Michigan


I appreciate your good vision and helpful insights.  I love hearing your analogies, they are like a universal language that any human can understand regardless of their education or cultural background.  For me they are like Christ's parables or Zen Buddhist stories.  They get the point across because the human experience is universal within them.  

Lucy, Indianapolis, Indiana


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