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June 30, 2015


I asked a client recently........


"Remember when you first fell in love?"  And he said, "Yes, it was a 1956 Corvette, black with red interior.  It was the prettiest car I've ever seen and I loved it."  He showed me a picture and it was beautiful, but I had to point out the question was about a person, not a car......  He had to think a little longer about that one, because it had all sorts of caveats.


I remember my first love, his name was Greg and we were in first grade.  Ever the outgoing one, I kissed him on the cheek and took him to my mother to introduce him as my future husband.  She was gracious, if not a little bit worried.  Greg grew up and married someone else, but I still stand by my first choice.  Later on in life, another one came along and I fell really hard for Joe.  He broke up with me to marry someone else.  It broke my heart, but it made me smarter and when the Marine in dress blues came in my office, I was ready for love all over again.  Twenty-six years later, I still love that choice.  


If I make a list of all the times and ways I fell in love, I can see how I've grown and changed.  I can actually track how I learned from them all and I am so thankful for the opportunities and glimpses at love.  More importantly, I am thankful I kept on trying and never let the broken hearts stop me.  Falling in love is really grand.  Staying in love is work, but also very rewarding.  Somehow it all seems to make sense as it progresses.  I'm glad I've stayed the course.  Oh and I fell in love with the 1974 candy apple red 450SL Mercedes.  Not one bit practical, but perfect for me......


June 29, 2015


Down memory lane........


Do you ever go down memory lane?  It's a lovely trip.....mostly.  It's wonderful to remember the good times and funny things that have happened.  Laughter is always a good idea.  It helps us to paint a picture of ourselves and those in our lives.  We can learn from memory lane.  Things like who our parents were, their dreams, our dreams, what makes us laugh, cry, and how much hairstyles have changed!  I remember I thought my messy roomate in college would be in my life forever and I haven't seen her since that first year, some 30 years ago.  Turns out I could tolerate a semester with her and her PB&J rotting sandwich under her bed.......


How far have you come?  We were visiting senior friends and they were talking about how poor they were starting out in life.  They've been married 60 years and were insightful about how many things worked out like they planned and how many things did not.  I imagine in 60 years you would know someone pretty well and they confirmed that there haven't been any surprises in their relationship in quite awhile.  But they have an interesting bucket list.  He wants to live on a houseboat for a few months, she wants to read all the Danielle Steele books she has missed.  They can do both at the same time, just need a houseboat and a bookstore.  They asked if we have a bucket list and yes, we do.  In fact I added living on a houseboat to mine when we left their house and my husband agreed.  


How we handle time and the lessons of it really do matter.  It is all such an intricate design and although we often take it for granted, we seldom remember to embrace it.  My husband said going to Mars or the moon was on his bucket list and I declined to go along.  He was not happy about that, but then he didn't want to visit the real Tara from 'Gone With The Wind' either.  It seems compromise is in order, guess we'll put that on the bucket list, too.  I hope you are keeping yours up to date, no matter your age, because memory lane can be many miles long!



June 26, 2015


Visiting people we love........


When people you love come to see you there is never enough time with them.  There is always something to tell them, something to show them, questions to ask, and hugs to store up on before they leave again.  Since getting married 26 years ago, we've lived in a lot of different places and made wonderful friends.  We are fortunate that some of them actually make the trek to Michigan to come see us! It is such a fun time to have them right here in our home to love.


Often, I don't think we visit enough anymore.  I hope you will make those kinds of plans this summer.  That's when we make some of our greatest memories.  It's the weekend!  Make it count.



June 25, 2015


Where do you go to fill up your soul?


I have a friend camping in Colorado right now and she is precisely where she needs to be.  I can hear it in her voice and I am reminded that there are places where we all need to go to touch base with our soul.  Other friends are in Yellowstone and they were so excited to see a bear until they saw a grizzly!  It was a scary moment, even though they were at a distance, but it filled up their souls just the same.  Something about fulfilling a dream........


It is no secret that I love to travel.  There is a family story about me under the age of 5 and when someone would visit our house, I would pack my little suitcase and go sit in their car until they were ready to leave.  That's a powerful wanderlust!  I love to see new places and especially nature.  I can still feel the rush of Niagara Falls, the wind in the Grand Canyon, the mist in the Appalachians, and the smell of the ocean in Maine.  I love the smell just before it rains in Texas and the pure joy of a Georgia summer.  I am so very thankful I experienced them all.......


This summer, if you can do it, get away from your every day life and surroundings and go explore something new.  Meet the people, listen to the wind, feel the sand in your toes, and bite into something that makes you smile.  God really is in the details and they are everywhere!  So let me ask again, where do you go to fill up your soul?




June 24, 2015


Just found there's a new girl coming.........


My friend Bekah is having a girl and that is delightful news.  Don't you just love it when babies come into the world?  It is obvious affirmation that God loves us.  Birth is one of the most powerful ways to get in touch with Spirit.  I defy you to see a new life come and not at least ponder that there is more to life.  A new beginning, new hope, new lessons, and new love.


When my own son was out there waiting to make an appearance, I remember being acutely aware that I loved him before I even knew him.  I think God planned it that way.  In my forties and weary of waiting, I was beginning to believe he had lost his way!  I railed at God and explained how I was not getting any younger.  I learned a lot of truths about babies.  First of all, they come in God's time and not one minute sooner.  They come just as they are supposed to, sick or well, to good parents and bad, in the day and in the night, boy or girl no matter what you wished for, wanted or not, and perfect in every way.  If ever God had a plan, it is with the babies.  I came to truly understand and appreciate that 'every baby is cause for celebration''. 

In fact, that's what got me through all the baby showers, celebrations and births before my own son arrived.


I do a course on miracles.  Some people think they have never seen one, but it was a miracle when you were born and it will always continue to be.  And that first cry from a newborn baby?  A shout out to the rest of us to listen up!  God has done it again.  



June 23, 2015


What is living 'happily ever after'?


Talking with a friend about a recent wedding, the topic of 'happy ever after' came up.  What is that really?  What does it mean to you? If you endeavor to live that way, how do you know when you get there?  Does a handsome prince or princess have to come riding in on a white horse to seal the deal?  If so, then what?  I always thought it was brilliant of Disney not to make any stories about what happened after Cinderella married the prince, but on the other hand, it would have probably saved us all.


June is the month when a whole lot of people marry their princes and princesses.  My hope is that before they say their 'I do's", they talk about what they really expect from each other and realize that negotiations are necessary as they go along.  In my experience, there are 3 primary reasons why we marry someone.  Things like security, trust, companionship, children, and wealth come to mind.  If you are marrying and you don't know your 3 reasons or those of your spouse, hold the preacher until you can figure it out.  You wouldn't even buy a refrigerator without knowing the terms.....


Either way, love is surely in the mix, but so is honesty.  Getting all caught up in the planning and fun of it is wonderful, but if you want it to last, you better think a little farther ahead than the honeymoon.  Ahhhhhh love.



June 22, 2015


Two schools of thought......Who's wrong?


I spoke with a financial advisor and he told me there are two kinds of interesting people that keep him in business:  The ones who spend every penny they make and can't save anything.  They believe they could die at any minute, so why not spend everything they have and live life to the fullest every minute?  And there are those who save diligently, scrimping and saving every day of their lives, hunting down the perfect bargain, waiting to buy something they need, and watching the retirement numbers rise as their only satisfaction.  Most people would rather be the latter financially, but he pointed out that when they do retire, they really have trouble spending the money they saved for retirement and often work right up until the end to keep saving......


Money has to be one of the biggest teachers in all of our lives.  It touches everyone in different ways and most people, if you asked them what they really need?  They would say money or something clever like, "I need to win the lottery."  And yet, there are epic stories written about people who did win the lottery and squandered it away.  So what's the answer?


I recently visited a place that was just dripping money.  People were hired to do the things I dislike most like cooking, lawn service, cleaning and laundry.  The view from the house was nothing short of spectacular and luxury was written all over the details.  I came away thinking surely their life was easier, simply because they didn't have to worry about money.  Yes, they have difficult things in their family money can't buy, but everyone does.  It just seems to me their overall money stress was a huge relief.  Or maybe they were just spending it all now.........


Mother Teresa pointed out that everyone who truly sees poverty benefits from it.  But what does poverty mean to people?  What does it mean to you?  One of the happiest households I have ever visited was clearly a poor one, but the love was off the charts.  In fact, I don't even think they knew they were poor.  Maybe knowledge is what trips us up......


June 19, 2015


So if you are born with testosterone does that mean........


You just know how to change a tire, repair a lawn mower, roof a house, ride a motorcycle, and build a gazebo?  Because I didn't get any of those memos and would have to seriously study up to do those chores.  Our world is changing though, because Dads are staying home with children and learning new skills.  And moms are realizing more about the jobs we used to assume the men would do.  In other words, we are gaining an appreciation for each other and isn't it just about time?


My own father was strong in many things I do every day and I am frequently thankful for his example.  That man was a public relations genius and he could work a room like no one I have ever seen.  He was genuine, smart, aware of the suffering of others, and always thinking about how things could be improved upon.  I think a lot like he did and I often wonder if I was just born that way too, or if he taught me so solidly that I can do it no other way.  Either way, I am grateful.


I love that we celebrate Dads.  I think they are often the unsung heroes and we need them.  Whether yours is with you or you have to find your 'Dad' values somewhere else, find those skills in someone and benefit from them.  Celebrate a Dad or even a prospective one this weekend.  We are blessed to have those incredible men who care enough to be Dads and they truly deserve our kindness.  Happy Father's Day Everyone!




June 18, 2015


When you are only born with 10,000 words........


When I think about Dads, well men in general, I think about how many words they were actually born with.  It's probably more than 10,000, but it doesn't always seem that way.  I remember early on in my marriage complaining that my husband didn't tell me he loved me and he said, "I changed the oil in your car!"  Oh right!  How could I have missed that?  We are so different and most men, not all of them, just don't have a whole lot to say.  But when they do talk, you'd better listen because important stuff comes out....


When there are not a lot of words to go by, you have to make do with actions.  For girls, that's a little tougher.  I thought he was changing the oil because it needed to be done, you know, like the laundry.  But alas, it was a labor of love......  I had to learn to pay closer attention and 'read' between the lines.  I had to think about what I would do if I was only born with 10,000 words.  That would be a challenge, I think I used that many just last weekend........


If you are short on words, just be sure you are saying the ones that matter.  If you are not, be sure you include the ones that matter.  Either way, we could all benefit from learning to see love in the details.  And some of us could talk a little more!  Can I buy some words over here?  I'd like to give them as a Father's Day present.........



June 17, 2015


What kind of Dad are you?


Sometimes I see Dad's that are just not engaging in their children's lives and I want to yell, "Wake up!  You are missing out!"  There are so many things in life to learn and children teach them to us easier than just about anyone else.  So what if you are an athletic dad and you had a scientific son?  So what if you are a scientific Dad and you had an all out athletic son?  So what if you are all about country music and your kid likes to listen to opera? Get over it already, step out of your box and learn something new.  You will never regret it!


My husband was never in the band and the day our son announced he had signed up for the band and was playing trombone, we had to readjust our lives.  But good old Dad learned all about it (thanks to the internet) and though he and I both still mess up some terminology, we are still giving it our all. When he transitioned to tuba we became roadies.  My husband learned to pack all the band instruments into a trailer and take them on the road! To be sure it has been a steep learning curve for us, but so worth it. We have seen our son shine in so many ways and the music in the house is just icing on the cake!


Whatever it is that comes through your life in the eyes of your child, just take a deep breath and embrace it. Know you will only benefit from it and be prepared to celebrate everything from the winning catch to the tuba solo.  Because you will never be the same.......you will be better!  Go tuba Dad, we love you!


June 16, 2015


Father's Day is coming.......


My father went back to God many years ago and quite suddenly.  It was totally out of the blue and the after effects continue today. The truth is that grief comes in all sizes and shapes, so it can take years to understand or accept.  I still occasionally want to pick up the phone and call him about something.  I find that so annoying!  But he was a very smart man and I am sure his insight, even these 30+ years later would be valuable.


There are so many kinds of fathers.  I talked to a client who has a whole handful of daughters and admitted up front that he has no clue about women. He said living with them changed every single thing he knew about life and the world and if he had a nickel for every time he was just clueless, he would be a millionaire!  But he was soft inside and kind on the outside and I knew he wasn't born that way.  His handshake was not the rough one I imagine he used before girls.  He allowed his emotions to show and even said the color pink no longer scared him.  I loved that and told him so.  He said it was not easily come by, but he was so thankful for them all.


When you marry, you want someone to be a great father.  You soon find out that it is a trial by fire thing (just like being a mom) and what you really wanted was someone willing to learn, laugh, and love.  The dad I talked to said if he had to make a resume about what he learned being a dad, he would put 'Can french braid hair early in the morning', on the top of the list.  And I knew his girls know they are truly loved.  The ones who choose to learn and love are the smartest ones of all.    


Dads are important.  They bring a balance to our hearts, if we are so lucky.  Hugs to them all on this side and in heaven.



June 15, 2015


Who teaches who........


I love my weekends in Indianapolis.  They are grueling because there is so much work in so little time, but they are like a master class in spirit.  I always learn something new and intriguing about the nuances of spirit.  This weekend was no exception and I am so grateful.  


It is naive to think that we know how it all works.  First of all, it works differently, but not in a bad way, if religion is involved.  Religion affords us the opportunity to see spirit through a set of guidelines, so that track is not the same as someone who does not use religion to get to spirit.  And just like a large corporation that is well run and very attuned to their employees, spirit has intricacies that we don't often think of, just appreciate.  I am someone who likes to know all the details and when I am given a new concept, I love it.


Of course, skeptical is always on the menu.  I am often skeptical myself and so I expect others will be.  But those who suspend their suspicious minds long enough to hear new concepts really do make the most of it.  One client said I know there are things I can't ask you.  I laughed right out loud - if they only knew some of the questions!  There are no questions that cannot be asked.  I may not know the answer, but I will work on it until I do at least have some understanding of it.  How else would we learn?


If you are not in a posture to teach and learn from others, consider changing your point of view.  The people you may least expect to teach you are usually the ones who can change your life.  Children immediately come to mind.  It is okay to learn from every angle, because then the picture will most surely make more sense......

June 12, 2015


She always said..........


"Morning Glory!"  Everytime my grandmother saw me that's what she would say and I didn't know why, but she always said it with such love that it didn't really matter.  I never even asked.  I guess I just thought it was a southern saying and somehow it applied to me.  A few weeks ago, a friend told me about being a morning glory:  They survive in the worst possible soil and face each day with a smile!  I can sure make a case for that, but I think my grandmother just really liked morning glories.......


So are you like a morning glory?  Do you make the best of where you are planted?  I have struggled to do that in Michigan, but I have learned a whole lot trying to bloom here.  And no, I still don't think we will be switching to forget-me-nots anytime soon.  Still, I'm okay with knowing I can be a morning glory.  My grandmother was tough as they come, she survived the great depression, lived with absolutely no women's rights or value, and married a harsh husband who required nursing for quite a long time.  But her smile, at least for me, was always so genuine.  Her arms were so outstretched in greeting I imagined they encompassed the world around me.  And every time I bloom, I know she smiles on me.  It was a privilege to know her and if I had to be a morning glory to do it, I would sign up for it all over again.


So be the bloom everyone needs to see.  Kick around that crummy soil and make a place for yourself until the good of whatever you are endeavoring to do comes shining through and blooms SO BIG no one can miss it.  You may be the only one who knows you accomplished something, but I promise you the rest of us morning glories will be cheering for you!  And my angel grandmother, too.



June 11, 2015


Who learned the lesson?


This past school year, I've volunteered about 20+ hours a week to a new organization teaching leadership to eighth graders.  It was rough.  As happens sometimes, few people saw the potential I knew was there (hello!  I'm intuitive!)  until the very end.  In the meantime, I was nearly fired as a volunteer so often, I barely knew if I would remain upright.  But I stayed the course and it did pay off.  The kids learned leadership in a hands-on way, they learned to do community service and the true value of it, and they learned how to tutor even someone who didn't think like they did.  In short, the end statistics more than proved the journey was worth the work.


So I asked my son what he learned from the experience and he said, "No good deed goes unpunished."  I had thought that many times, but had never to my knowledge said it around him........to my husband yes, but not to him.  After all, I was doing it for him!  So I suggested he think about it differently and he said, "I'm not sure the pain of it was worth the gain of it."  So I pointed out all the statistics, kids who had been tutored who would not have been, the leadership, and the hours of community service that the community had praised the students for.  And he said, "I am aware of that, but I don't know that I would have done it even knowing the outcome."  I was sad about that reply, but I also understood it.  He noted the many times decisions were made and red tape crushed them, including a totally doable plan to raise $10,000 for the local foodbank.  The people who just couldn't embrace the dream and worked overtime to stop it simply wore him out!


In our society today, we are quick to criticize and not as quick to understand the purpose, sacrifice or possible outcome.  Policemen throughout our great country come to mind.  I may not always agree with them, but I know for sure that I do not want their job!   And I know if someone is robbin me, I want to call them to come and help.......  So I wonder, who is learning the lessons now?  Because we all could if we were mindful.


June 10, 2015


Summer always reminds me of fun music......


A friend and I play texting trivia finishing the words to songs from the seventies.  I know that makes us old, but we love it anyway.  Some of the titles just make you want to grab a cool drink and chill out in a lounge chair by the water while you soak up the sun.  You know, songs by Jimmy Buffet, for instance.  Who doesn't want to grab a margarita and sing along to 'Margaritaville'?  


What music makes you happy when you listen to it?  Transforms you to another place and time where things were easy, chillin' and fun?  I have another friend who thinks opera does that, but not for me!  Maybe a little 'Sweet Home Alabama' or 'All Summer Long' by Kid Rock.  Whatever it is, get it out, turn it on, and play it loud.  It is time to shake off the winter blues and worries.  Mix up something frothy, grab the chips and make a beeline for your happy place.........


Here's the trivia words for today, what's the name of the song?  "We like our fun and we never fight.  You can't dance and stay uptight.  It's a super natural delight, everybody was............"  Answer in tomorrow's blog!  I'll beat you to the lounge chairs...........



June 9, 2015


So hard to say goodbye.......


Even when you are more than ready for something to be over, it can still be hard to say goodbye.  Humans like knowing that something familiar is going to happen every day and goodbyes mean, at least on some level, they will be starting over.  Questions fly after goodbyes: Did I do everything I could?  Is it okay to be done?  Did I make the right decision?  They are all valid, but when it's truly over, the difficult thing is to accept it.  We are really good at climbing a mountain, but we aren't as good about standing on the top and truly enjoying the view!  We forget to take a moment to reflect and reside in the accomplished work.


So how about we just decide to learn the lesson of something being over?  Decide what you learned from the experience - good and bad. Decide that it was the right thing to do and let it be done.  Be thankful for the experience and life lessons.  Honor that you showed up, gave it your best shot and saw it through.


I've learned a lot of lessons about when to quit this year and when to be thankful.  And I am sure there are more to come......  


June 8, 2015


A fresh approach is always welcome........


I learned a new lesson this past weekend from a client whose father had unexpectedly died.  He was a brilliant man, very well educated and born in the 40's, had seen a whole lot of this world.  He was a black man, who spent a lot of his life in and around Baltimore.  You may be aware that our nation has been in a turmoil about race and lately Baltimore, for a variety of reasons, has been in the center of the controversy.  Many opinions abound and prejudice is the fuel that seems to feed the fire.  


Just days before this thoughtful man went back to God, he arranged to take his grandchildren to the peaceful protest in Baltimore.  It was difficult to be sure and ranging in ages from teenage to intermediate school, Mom was a little bit nervous about the venture.  But his reasons were sound.  He wanted his grandchildren to see in person, not second or third hand or through the media, the opinions, people, feelings, and swirl of confusion surrounding this difficult issue.  He noted that in their lifetimes, this will be one of the biggest problems they face and he wanted them to understand how it was made and functioned.  


Most of us come down on one side of an issue or the other.  We would never think to go to a protest unless we were really passionate about the cause and most of us give up on a cause pretty quickly, because life gets in the way.  But a true understanding from ground zero would make for an educated approach to the unfolding of controversy and change.


Having watched earlier stages of this unfold in the south growing up, I applaud this educated and thoughtful approach.  I wish that we could all take a step back and view it with less fire and more heart.  And either way, I pray we all have the compassion and wisdom to make peaceful change.


June 5, 2015


Ripples save us all..........


Next week I get to help honor eighth graders who have cumulatively performed more than 3000 hours of community service in the 2014-2015 school year.  That's a remarkable achievement given that they all maintained a 3.5 or higher GPA in addition to sports, fine arts, and all kinds of other interesting pursuits.  It may not seem like a big thing to most people, but 3,000 hours of community service does change your community in a positive way.  


There is a quote from Scott Adams:  "Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness.  Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."  Isn't that wonderful?  We simply never know what a kindness that starts with us can do, but we can be sure that it will make a difference in our world.  


This weekend let these remarkable teenagers inspire you to do at least one small act of kindness and let the ripples begin!



June 4, 2015



May your roots grow down deep into the soil of God's marvelous love........



I spoke with a client who after 5 years was still really missing her mother.  By all accounts, she was a wise woman, who died in her late eighties and everyone agreed she just wasn't here long enough.  The daughter's question to me was simply, "Why did she have to go?"  And the answer really is, "Because it was her time to go."  That's how we all do it and believe it or not, it is a good system.



In much the same way that any prophet would come to earth to teach, so did this wonderful woman.  She brought a whole package of life lessons, doled them out as best she could and then left so others would have to stand on their own and learn how to make them work.  So their own life lessons could be learned.  "I hear her in my head", the daughter said.  And that tells me those lessons were taught by a master so intricately they will never fade away.



When my grandmother died, I was deeply in grief for two years.  One day, someone sent me a tshirt that had a picture of an iris in bloom.  The iris was buried in dirt and you could see the roots of the plant under the soil.  A note with the shirt said, "Your roots go down deep and include what your grandmother gave you. Everytime you bloom, you honor her."  And that was what healed me.  It still does.  Not only do I endeavor to bloom, but I never forget who helped me do it!


When someone we love goes back to God, it is difficult.  But it doesn't have to be over.  We still have the option to bloom and honor their memory.


June 3, 2015


All God's creatures simply cannot stay.........


Okay!  We've got a raccoon that is absolutely terrorizing our backyard.  He is bold, brazen, cocky and well fed.  Every night he eats all the birdseed and suet, despite numerous devices guaranteed to keep him from doing so.  One of them is hard for me to load and put up because it's so heavy, and he dragged that to the woods to eat at his leisure like it was nothing.  He literally grabs the hummingbird feeders and sucks the nectar out like a straw!  No one else in our backyard paradise is getting any food, but he is fat and happy.  My husband said if we listened closely enough, we could probably hear him snoring during the day exhausted from all his antics!


So we have become the people who need to get rid of a raccoon......  We are not the killing type, so a have a heart trap seems to be the best solution.  Then we will simply relocate him to another more rural area.  But our inquiries to get a trap are mostly met with, "Why don't you just shoot him?"  Or some other more clever reply like, "I bet my 22 could stop him!"  Meanwhile, he just ate most of the flowers I put out, to which the game warden said, "Well, they like those sweet flowers you know. They eat them for dessert!"  I'm dying of laughter over here.......NOT!


A few nights ago, the deck light came on and he was sitting on the deck watching us watch television through the window while he drank our nectar.  And the discussion became, "Should we watch something else?  Maybe he likes 'Big Bang' and that's what makes him come drink the nectar......." Yep, maybe he's just a raccoon after a good night of comedy.  He just wants a few laughs!  So if we get him his own television will that help?  I bet he would choose that over a 22 shot in the head!  


Mere people versus one rascally racoon.  Wish us luck.......


June 2, 2015


Running the gamet........


A graduation ceremony brings all sorts of responses:  Kids who can't take enough pictures, those who run for the car, those who compare what they got to make sure it's all there and those who just crumple up the diploma and toss it in the trash can.  The latter was a true open mouthed moment for me.  His parents were there, watched him crumple it up and toss it.  No emotion for anyone and then to the car for home. Granted it was a middle school diploma, but seriously?  That's how it's going to go?


Then there are the winners and the losers.  The big winner this year was so gracious.  One of the big losers was really not.  His mother made a real spectacle of herself showing her displeasure and clouded the winners celebration with her family and friends.  All in all, it was a circus complete with free store bought cookies and punch.  The ceremony was held in a local church and despite all the brouhaha about separating religion from schools, they all got their diploma under a huge cross.  Isn't it funny how life unfolds sometimes?  


One seemingly wise grandmother made a point of telling as many students as she could that this was just the beginning and a lot more things in life were coming that were MUCH more difficult, so they better enjoy themselves now.  Did I detect a little bitterness there?  And the Dad who had to be woken up after the ceremony was completed just wandered around appearing to not be real sure where he was or if he was still dreaming.........


Next year, I think we should sell tickets to spectators and make extra money, because it was better than sitting in the airport or the mall and watching people............  Even if it was a little unsettling.


June 1, 2015


When real opportunities are lost........


A school official made an unfortunate decision today.  He could have praised, encouraged, and celebrated 100 top students, but he chose not to add an extra minute to the graduating program to do it.  That tired old excuse about 'if I do it for one I have to do it for all' was the best one he could come up with and it fell flat for a whole lot of people.


When someone has a perfect opportunity to make this world a better place and chooses not to do it, it baffles me.  I get that things happen for a reason and I sincerely hope the reason, at least this time, is to teach him how to seize the moment.  It sure taught me to hold my temper!  I often counsel my clients to just allow something to occur, so the real changes can be made.  I had to seek my own counsel on this one and I eagerly await the outcomes.


Just please set your intention to never, ever let a moment of celebration go by.  If it takes an extra minute, hour, day or another 20 hot dogs on the grill, just do it and seize the opportunity to let life soar.  Those moments, when we soar, have to get us through all the difficult times.  We need all of them we can possibly get.  Stop and get an ice cream, write a little note, say a kind word, take time for a touch.  It's all a critical part of our success.

















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