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Every day is a learning experience for me.  I believe my life is designed just that way.  I blog weekdays and try to include something in every week that will make you think, smile, and feel blessed.  I channel the blog straight from Spirit, so I hope you enjoy it and feel free to pass it along to someone else.  If you would like to comment on any of the blogs, please send me an email at lynnslines@msn.com.  I would love to hear from you!

This month is all about songs – just for the fun of it.  I love music and always have a song running through my head.  But more than the melody, I love words.  I love how they wrap around and change the way we think, feel, and traverse this world.  So here are some of my favorite songs and words.  I could do this forever….  I hope you enjoy them!

July 29, 2016


“Well I've heard there was a secret chord, that David played and it pleased the Lord….”


I could listen to this song all day, all week, without stopping.  I never come away the same person.  I always come away feeling like I’ve been right in the center of the God energy. 


The word, ‘Hallelujah’, is translated from Hebrew, but literally means to praise God.  I find it so amazing that it can be boiled down to one word.  One very holy word, filled with grace and love.  One word that you just cannot speak without some modicum of reverence, even when accompanying sarcasm.


There are places on this earth, people on this earth, sounds on this earth, that take your soul right back to when it was originally created.  Right back to what you know to be true.  This word does that.  Treat yourself and try saying it first once a week in honor of something wonderful.  Work your way up to once a day and you will never be the same.


The lyrics sung in this song are perplexing and not really clear, but if you just hold on to the word Hallelujah and listen to the music it will transform you.  And when it does, you can say, “Hallelujah!”.  It’s that kind of song.


Written by: Leonard Cohen

Best performed (and the video is amazing) by:  K. D. Lang

July 28, 2016

Bubba Shot The Jukebox

“Bubba shot the jukebox last night.  Said it played a sad song and made him cry.  Went to his truck and got a 45.  Bubba shot the jukebox last night.”


Okay this song makes me laugh, because I’ve so wanted to do that myself!  Poor Bubba.  He just wanted the sad songs to stop and who could blame him?  I can so picture him trying to tolerate it and just getting fed up.  Worst case?  You’d have to buy a new jukebox and take some ribbing from people, but the sad stuff would stop.  I can see the logic….


I love a song that tells a story – well most of them.  I don’t like sad songs much.  I think the saddest song ever might be, “He Stopped Loving Her Today”, by George Jones or maybe “The Long Black Veil”.  Talk about drinking songs!  You have to be on your way to drunk just to tolerate them! 


So Bubba is about as sad a song as I listen to, just because I can so picture this happening where I grew up – I could even give you a list of names who might have been posing as Bubba.  A couple are still good friends of mine.  And if I’d been there?  I would have bought them another round.


Sometimes you just have to laugh……


Written by Dennis Linde

Best performed by: Mark Chesnutt


July 27, 2016

The National Anthem – The Star-Spangled Banner

“And the rockets red glare.  The bombs bursting in air.  Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.  Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave?  O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”


I am fiercely patriotic and I cry almost every single time I hear it.  It’s all about the people for me.  The soldiers and their families who have given of themselves through the years so we can be free.  The children who will never know their extraordinary parents because they fought for them.  The parents whose constant companion is worry for their loved one.  The hardships, sacrifices, fierce determination, selflessness, and bravery every single soldier has to serve our great country.


I’ve been on the military base when we were preparing to defend our country and stood on the side of the road awaiting their return to us.  I’ve comforted the loved ones and celebrated with the returning ones.  I’ve seen what it takes to be brave and keep marching.  I am in awe and always will be.  I love that my husband, now retired, always comes to attention.  I love that I know him and so many others like him, who truly understand freedom. 


It’s easy for me to sing and have reverence.  It was never easy for any of those who secured our freedom. 


Written by:  Francis Scott Key

Best Performed by:  Patriotic people from your heart

July 26, 2016


“She’s disenchanted with me.  I took her for granted, now she’s disenchanted with me.”


In counseling couples, this comes up a whole lot!  I always think about this word and wonder just how disenchanted she really is.  Has it happened before?  Can she come back from it this time?  Can I help him understand what disenchanted really means?


I would love to meet Michael Martin Murphy and ask him what happened that made him write this song.  I can’t think of a single guy who would actually say this word out loud, but believe me when she’s mad and he knows he’s the cause of it, he’s thinking some sort of version of the word!


As girls, we bought the whole Cinderella thing hook, line and sinker.  So the odds that we will be disenchanted are pretty high.  Guys by and large, don’t know what makes us enchanted to start with, so the odds they will make us disenchanted are pretty high.  Either way, we find ourselves at this crossroads pretty often.


This particular word, seems to make it all just a little bit better and put possibilities of fixing it back into the equation.  Maybe every guy should have this song on speed dial just to help him explain…..


Written and best performed by:  Michael Martin Murphey

July 25, 2016

Fire and Rain

“I’ve seen Fire and I’ve seen Rain.  I’ve seen lonely days I thought would never end.  I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend.  But I always thought I’d see you again.”


When my husband and I met, other people were in our lives.  He walked in the door in his full dress blues, an officer in the Marine Corps.  I was the manager of an apartment complex way back then and he was inquiring about moving in.  I looked up from my desk and did a double take.  It seemed like I had known him forever.  We became good friends, but I never said a word about how I really felt.


Just a short time later, he graduated and left having proposed to his girlfriend.  I played ‘Fire and Rain’ for days.  I knew he was gone for good, but I really did always think I would see him again….  I was right.  She decided to cancel the engagement and my marriage just didn’t work out.  And one night when I was in the midst of the rain, he called to say he was free and heard I was too.  I was so happy to hear his voice again!


We will celebrate 28 years together in January 2017.  We still see fire and rain, but we make it through both together.


Written and best performed by:  James Taylor



July 22, 2016

Hey Baby!


“Hey! Hey Baby!  I want to know if you’ll be my girl!”


My son plays the tuba and at the end of every football game, the tubas play this song.  I love it!  The whole crowd sings along and on even the coldest night, it is awesome fun.


Every year on my birthday, I request that my son play this song just for me.  It’s the deep bass sound of the tuba, the dance it makes you want to do, and the fun of someone yelling out “Hey Baby!  I want you!”  In short…..it makes me smile.


I’ve heard it on other instruments and there’s a song about it too, but there’s something about that tuba and the big brass bell blasting it out that makes it contagious. 


Hey Baby!  Listen to this….


Written by Margaret Cobb and Bruce Channel

Performed by Bruce Channel – But Best Played by my son

July 21, 2016


“Sing, sing a song.  Make it simple to last your whole life long.  Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear.  Just sing.  Sing a song.”


My grandmother always got after me for whistling.  She would say, “A whistling woman and a cackling hen, never come to a good end.”  I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but I knew she wanted me to stop whistling.  But if I was singing?  She was okay with it and would usually join right in.  Neither of us would have made a respectable chorus tryout, but we gave it our all anyway.


I love to hear someone singing.  It shows your heart is light, your joy is high and your troubles are few.  Singing chases away the clouds and opens up a huge path for the sun to shine on you whether you are doing chores or out for a walk in the rain.  Singing is your soul’s way of getting attention.


So sing.  Don’t be shy!  As long as no one is paying to hear you, you don’t have to be perfect.  Give your joy a voice and take a little vacation.  Sing!


Written by:  Joe Raposo

Best performed by:  The Carpenters and Big Bird

July 20, 2016

Love Lifted Me


“I’ll just say love lifted me.  Love lifted me.  When nothing else could help.  Love lifted me.”


This is my favorite hymn.  When I lived near the Marine Corps base in North Carolina I attended church on base.  Every Sunday, the pastor would open the music up for requests and I always chose, ‘Love Lifted Me’.  It happened so often, he would just see my hand up and launch right in to it. 


That song carried me through some difficult times and still does.  Love does lift me.  Hugging someone.  Laughing with someone.  Sharing with someone.  Helping someone.  Walking alongside someone.  Cheering someone on.  Talking to someone.  All those things and more are about love for me and it lifts me. 


If you are not allowing love to lift you – get about it.  It is simple and extraordinary.  It is perhaps one of the best kept secrets and the most powerful one.  Love can lift you out of where you are and change the way you look at anything.  Love can heal, soothe, embrace, and shine. 


Let love lift you……then watch it happen to someone else.


Written by:  James Rowe

Best performed by:  Kenny Rogers or the Marines and their families at Camp Lejeune

July 19, 2016

I Don’t Want To Walk Without You Baby


“I don’t want to walk without you baby.  Walk without my arms about you baby…..  Now I find that I don’t want to walk without the sunshine…..  Oh baby please come back or you’ll break my heart for me.  Cause I don’t want to walk without you no sireeee!”


Well I’m just a big romantic at heart, so having someone say this to me would make me smile and never stop!  This guy was a little desperate, I guess he screwed up somehow and finally realized it, but you must admit he made a really nice recovery.


Don’t you think it would be a good idea to tell the people you love some version of this more often?  We all need to feel like we matter.  It would have to help.  And even if you can’t make the words come out of your mouth, you could play the song and point to that special someone.


This song just screams, “You matter to me!  Get over here and let me hug you!”  And that?  That is a great start or end to any day…..


Written by: Jule Styne, adapted from Felix Mendelssohn’s Op. 62 No. 6, Allegretto grazioso in A major (Frühlingslied, or Spring Song) in Book 5 of Lieder ohne Worte (Songs Without Words), with the lyrics by Frank Loesser.[1

Best performed by:  Barry Manilow



July 18, 2016

When You Walk Through A Storm


“When you walk through a storm hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark.  At the end of the storm is a golden sky, and the sweet silver song of the lark.  Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain, though your dreams be tossed and blown.  Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart and you’ll never walk alone.”


I once awoke at college to strong voices singing, “I Shall Not Be Moved”.  I was afraid – it was the 70’s, I was young, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when I looked out my window onto an endless sea of African American people commemorating the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.  I called my father, who was equally unsure and cautioned me to stay in my room and so I did.


As a child, I loved the music emanating from the African American churches.  They are so spiritual and so near to God when they sing.  No one and I mean no one, can sing you back to heaven like they can.  So it was no real chore for me to remain in the room and listen to them singing.  I didn’t fully understand their need to sing in that way, but I was awestruck by their voices lifted in song.  They sang another song about how if you just do what you believe, your voice will be heard and you will be joined by the angels.  It was beautiful.


Sometimes we just have to remember that this big old earth is a teaching center and we need to be heard when things are wrong – even if they are only wrong to us or until other people can fully understand them.  We cannot change things without our voices leading the way.  And as sure as the sun rises, there will be someone who gains courage from your voice and add their own to it.  Someone will lend you their spirit.


So whatever it is that you fear or that brings you up short in life.  Face it.  Learn about it.  Put one foot in front of the other and walk on.


1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel

Best performed by:  A whole lot of people!


July 15, 2016

Amazing Grace


"Amazing Grace how sweet the sound….. When we’ve been there ten-thousand years bright shining as the sun.  We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise than when we first begun.”


This song just fills my soul.  It’s not about religion to me, although it is used in many religions to comfort.  For me it’s about being in the God energy.  Knowing there is more to life than just this earthly place.  Realizing we are cherished in a spiritual way.  Experiencing grace where it finds us. 


I toured Billy Graham’s library in Charlotte, NC, and came back with a little plaque that says, ‘Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound’.  It does have a sound, you can hear it through the ages and it rings true in your heart.  Grace is a gift from God or Spirit or whoever you believe is capable of such things.  Grace is magical and it defines true definition.  It is a feeling you can wrap around your body and stay warm and loved in.  When my son was born, Grace was so thick in the room you could taste it.  Grace is always a good thing. 


“When we’ve been there 10,000 years bright shining as the sun……”  I love this part.  It gives me hope and promise.  Just knowing that exists makes me smile.


Written by:  John Newton

Best Performed by:  Well, my favorite is when the Brass Band of Battle Creek Youth Brass Band Performs it – I know the words.

July 14, 2016

And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going

“And I am telling you.  I’m not going.  You’re the best man I’ve ever known.  There’s no way I can ever go. Darlin’ there’s no way.  No, No, No way I’m livin’ without you.  I’m not livin’ without, not livin’ without you.  I don’t want to be free!  I’m stayin’.  I’m stayin’.  And you, and you, and you.  You’re gonna love me!”


One of the most powerful performances on Broadway.  Is she clear or what?  She lets him know just where she stands and she does not mess around at all.  That man has to get it. She even says, “We’re part of the same place.  We’re part of the same time.  We both share the same blood.  We both have the same mind.”  If he was having trouble figuring out where he stood before, he didn’t leave there with any misconceptions about who she was, what she wanted and what she expected from him.


This is such a problem in marriage.  Too much smoke and mirrors!  We think the other person knows what we want, what we need, how we feel.  They think the same and we both are all screwed up.  We worry too much about delivery and not enough about information.  You can help someone if you know what they need.  You can love someone if you know what they value.  You can make anything work when you speak from your heart and are clear about it – if you want to. 


I confess I’ve never seen the end of the play, because I don’t want to know if he leaves Effie when she sings this song.  I just hope he was smart enough to know that she loved him with all her heart.  She was strong enough to say it and I hope he got a clue.


Yes.  I’m all about the happy endings……


From the Broadway musical Dreamgirls, Lyrics by Tom Eyen and Music by Henry Krieger.

Best performed by:  Jennifer Holliday 



July 13, 2016

Annie’s Song                       


“You feel up my senses like a night in the forest.  Like a mountain in spring time, like a walk in the rain.  Like a storm in the desert, like a sleeping blue ocean.  You fill up my senses come fill me again.”


I always was envious of Annie.  Come on – a guy writes a song like this just for you?  I guess that makes you golden for the rest of your life.  And even if you do get caught up in all the metaphors, it’s still a beautiful idea that some guy is so about you he gushes like this.


I hope whoever you love, you take the time now and then to gush.  We all need to know that we are appreciated, that we matter, and that we are getting it right in the eyes of the people we care most about.  Take the time to tell a special someone that you love them today. 


Go ahead.  Gush a little.  And Annie?  Please!  You got the prize egg!


Written and best performed by:  John Denver

July 12, 2016

My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from ‘Titanic’)


“Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you.  That is how I know you go on.  Far across the distance and spaces between us, you have come to show you go on.  Near, far, wherever you are.  I believe that the heart does go on.”


When you lose someone you love, it is unconscionable to think that it is just over.  Someone filled with love and kindness, joy and wisdom, needs to continue in our universe.  So even if it is not true – although I believe it is based on dying myself – I prefer to know they go on and fill the world with their many gifts through us and others they touched. 


In my work, I get to hear so many stories about loved ones who visit and leave a small sign behind.  Just a week ago, I got a picture from a client of a penny on her desk she believes someone she loves left her.  It brings us peace.  It brings us joy and why not believe the heart goes on?  When we die those people from our soul group will be there in spirit.  And the love?  It will be stronger than ever. 


You’ll see and your heart will go on, too.

Composed by James Horner, Lyrics written by Will Jennings, Produced by Walter Afanasieff and Simon Franglen.

Best performed by:  Celine Dion



July 11, 2016

The Secret O’ Life


“The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.  Any fool can do it.  There ain’t nothing to it.  Nobody knows how we got to the top of the hill.  But since we’re on our way down.  We might as well enjoy the ride.  The secret of love is in opening up your heart.  It’s okay to feel afraid.  Don’t let it stand in your way, no.  Einstein said that we could never understand it all.  Planets spinning through space.  The smile upon your face.  Welcome to the human race here now.  Isn’t it a lovely ride?  Sliding down and gliding down.  Try not to try too hard.  It’s just a lovely ride.”

When my son was born, I printed this song in its entirety on his baby announcements.  It is a lovely ride and I remember when they placed him in my arms thinking that there just had to be a God and that wow, he must really think a lot of me to give me this amazing gift. 


If you choose to see it, it really is a lovely ride.


Written and best performed by:  James Taylor


July 8, 2016

Some Enchanted Evening

“Some enchanted evening, when you find your true love.  When you feel him call you across a crowded room…..”


If you have even an ounce of romance in your soul, this will make you stand up and cheer for the power of love.  Imagine a ballroom filled to overflowing with people.  Everyone is dressed in their finest, music is playing, the doors are open to the cool night air and even though it seems impossible that you will know someone in all these people, your true love is there and they will make themselves known to you.


That’s heady stuff!  Are you kidding me?  I tell people all the time if I put you in a room with 100 people you did not know, at least two people will seem familiar to you and you would choose to walk over to them and strike up a conversation.  And if one of them is your true love?  Get out of here!  That’s magic!


But if you think about it, it’s how we all find our true loves.  Standing in line in Starbucks, sitting in class at college, racing to the copier at work, sitting at a red light…..  There are no coincidences and so if you were invited to the ball?  He will be there.


1949 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific

Best Performed by:  Ezio Pinza



July 7, 2016

I Want To Hold Your Hand

“I want to hold your hand.  I want to hold your hand.”


As the mother of a teenager, this old Beatles song is ringing truer than ever.  Their hormones are pinging all over the place, they like each other and by equal turns do not.  They want to talk to each other and also seem to have nothing to say.  But they do know how to hold hands and for us parents?  That seems safe enough for now……


My son asked me, “If the Beatles were all that, why weren’t their lyrics better?”  And my answer is, when you are that age and overcome with emotion filled hormones, you have to focus on one thing at a time.  I want to hold your hand!  And when you master that?  On to other things….  (Besides Paul was a walrus...)


Plus, you can learn the lyrics to the song the first time you hear it. 


Written by:  John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Best Performed by:  The Beatles


July 6, 2016

What’s New With You

“What’s new with you?  Oh it’s been such a long, long time.  Are you happy with him?  Do I ever cross your mind?  It’s still the same old story.  I’m so in love with you.  So tell me honey, what’s new with you?”


If you live long enough, and if you ever had someone you loved, you will run into them somehow in this age of communication.  It’s often overwhelming.  And even though you might well know that you are sitting right where you are supposed to be, and happy about it, the memories will come rushing back.  So inevitably you will say some form of, “What’s new with you?”


Facebook really took me there and I got to catch up with those people I cared so deeply about years ago.  Still do.  We talk now as though we are no different than anyone else, but it’s still hard for me.  I did get a chance to apologize for being young, stupid, and clueless.  That felt really good.  I did get to know they were happy, healthy and loved for the most part and I’m really glad about that.  I even got an apology that changed my life.  I’m happy I had the opportunity to get back in touch.


I know it all matters, those people you meet along the way in this life, I just want to be a good steward of their hearts and mine.


Written by:  Charles Quillen & Dean Dillon.

Best Performed by:  Con Hunley



July 5, 2016

Run On For A Long Time

“My God spoke and he spoke so sweet, I thought I heard the shuffle of angel’s feet.”


I love this!  Imagine that there were so many angels around you, you could hear the shuffle of their feet!  Wouldn’t that be a moment to remember……


Whether you believe in spirit or not, it is practically impossible not to know that something else exists out there.  There are so many times in our lives when the air is thick, the sound is fuller, the energy is higher….  Ever been present when a baby is born?  Ever been in the room when someone goes back to God?  Ever seen a sunrise or the sun slip into the ocean at day’s end?  Ever heard the laughter of a child?  Ever seen the wisdom in anyone’s eyes?  Well, if you did, did you hear the sound?  The unmistakable sound?  The shuffle of angels feet…..


You don’t really think they would miss something as special as that do you?


1949 Columbia Records #30203 recording of "Run On For A Long Time" by Bill Landford and the Landfordairs.

 Best Performed by:  Elvis Presley 

July 4, 2016

No Place Like Home

“I love that smile, it drives me wild.  No love won’t die today.”


This is the essence of love.  That smile, that wink, those eyes, that swing in their hips.  Something about that person that just zings right to your soul and says, “You aren’t going anywhere….. Get back in there and work this thing out!”  A constant reminder that you are right where you want to be.


We aren’t just attracted to everyone we see.  There is a rhyme and reason for the love that we bring to ourselves.  That person is from our soul group and they know us from spirit to spirit.  We may not dance with them for our entire lives, but we do have a dance card to fill with them. 


It’s complicated and yet it can be so easy.  Don’t let the small stuff pass you by.


Published by:  Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, KOBALT MUSIC PUB AMERICA INC  Written by Paul Overstreet

Best Performed by:  Randy Travis 


July 1, 2016

I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You


“Today I passed  you on the street, and my heart fell at your feet.  I can’t help it if I’m still I love with you.” 


Oh for goodness sake!  I cry just hearing the words.  So many times I’ve talked to clients who needed to leave a difficult relationship and just couldn’t get past the love they felt.  That kind of love brings hope with it like a hand fitting into a glove.  After all, if you feel that strongly there must be some emotion there that needs to be explored.  Could it really be over?


There’s an observation that when something needs to end, it will be really nasty or difficult just to let us know it is over.  And as bad as it can seem at the time, that’s a good thing if it helps us make the transition.  But the most important part to consider is:  What did you learn in the relationship?  Because this earth is just a big teaching center and that relationship was a master class in life.  And if you didn’t get the lesson, it will come right back to you until you do.


So if that old love still brings you to tears and you long for a second chance to get it right?  Do the work of it first and the rest will fall into place.


Copyright@Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

Best Performed by:  Hank Williams, Sr.

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