January 29, 2016

I may have received my favorite present ever…….


It was my anniversary and my husband was traveling, but coming home just before midnight.  I waited up to celebrate with a hug and was just really glad to see him.  Twenty-seven years is a long time and we’ve worked really hard to get to this point.  I often tell people that marriage isn’t easy and it’s true.  We had to learn how to argue, how to talk, how to give in, and when to quit.  We’ve been through a war, 13 moves, new jobs, lost jobs, a baby who never slept, and countless reinventing of ourselves.  We have always been best friends and can’t imagine not being together.  So it’s no small thing, at least to us, when we celebrate another year…..


Typically, my husband is not much of a shopper.  It’s just not his thing and I end up returning more than I keep.  But he brought home a wooden sign he saw in a store window that I believe was the perfect gift.  It says, “As soon as I saw you I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.”  A. A. Milne  The sign is a little beat up, solid, pretty, weathered, and exactly a reflection of our lives together.  In short, I love it!


Looking back, it has been a grand adventure and I wouldn’t take anything for it.  Last night, I watched Cinderella on television and I was reminded of what I always tell couples I counsel:  “No one ever told us what happened to Cinderella in the ‘happy-ever-after’.”  It’s true.  We just assume it was all wonderful, roses blooming, birds singing, and happiness.  It’s not.  It’s a lot tougher than that, but it’s a wonderful adventure with the right person.


I love you Keith!  Thanks for 27 years.  Let’s do a lot more…….


January 28, 2016

It’s not easy to be suave and debonaire….


Especially when you are a shy teen boy and have to ask someone out.  I tried to be a supportive mom and give tips, even offered to role play for him, but he was not interested.  He said, “That’s just too weird.”


It took the better part of three days for courage, circumstances, bravado, cleverness, and the moon to be in the right place, creating the perfect moment in time to ask her and she’s a really good friend.  To his credit it was about an 8 on a scale of one to 10, at least from this mom’s point of view.  And not a bad attempt for the first time out.  I confess to setting the tone for him in the carpool car and we were both relieved when she said, “Yes!”.

She said, “What should I wear?”  “What time will you pick me up?”  “What is the theme?”  And he said, “I have no idea.”  I guess that was a bridge too far for the first invitation.  Lol


When she got out of the car, he said, “So Mom, can you take care of that information part?”  And of course, I agreed to.  It should be a piece of cake, compared to the whole invitation thing.  I now have a whole new appreciation for guys…..


January 27, 2016

I remember surviving……


‘The Poseidon Adventure’ in high school.  It was a movie about people in a shipwreck trying to get out   and I don’t think I have ever held my breath so much or for so long.  After the movie, my friend and I came out of the theater to a real southern Georgia downpour.  It had been raining awhile, (who could tell in the movie?), and the water was up to my ankles running to the car.  My friend drove a Volkswagen Beetle.  The hype was that it would float across water.  We spent some perilous moments on the way home, wondering if that would indeed happen and hoping the windshield wipers would hold out.  We still consider it a near death experience, although it might not have been that dramatic…..


Now we have even better special effects, so it’s all the more important to help the actors breathe.  So when we went to see ‘The Finest Hours’ recently, I knew I was in trouble when the first wave swamped the boat, barely 20 minutes into the two-hour movie.  It was a good movie, but really after you’ve seen the boat tackle one impossible wave?  It’s all the same struggle after that.  In fact, it could have been the same footage…


We were with friends and I noticed that they held their breath, too.  So I didn’t feel so bad.  And after it was over?  They said they were exhausted!  Lol

I still have a certificate from the movie way back in high school that says I survived the sinking of the USS Poseidon.  I’m proud of it and as a veteran of sinking ship movies, (I saw Titanic three times!), I’d say I gave it my best shot. 


My husband said we worked pretty hard to be entertained!



January 26, 2016

Is it really all how you look at it?


I visited with a good friend who is battling serious cancer and struggling through chemotheraphy treatments.  I was inspired and touched by her philosophy and can't stop thinking about just how much what we think can and does change things.  She says that everyone is dying on some level.  So why not her?  But this doesn't have to be the method and maybe it isn't.  So why throw in the towel? 


As a result, she was upbeat, despite a bucket near her chair for nausea, and just as concerned about me living as she was about herself.  She said she was a throwback to hippies and had always looked at life through those eyes.  Choosing peace, choosing love, choosing a kinder, gentler world.  It felt like she was on to something and what could have easily been a difficult visit turned into a life lesson pretty quickly. 


I hope I never stop learning.  I hope someone is around to teach me right up until the last day.  I hope I never fail to see life from a different point of view.  And I hope she is right.


January 25, 2016

It was all crazy……


I needed to have my battery checked, so my husband sent me to Auto Zone.  I really don’t like to go in there, but I did.  The sales associate, Jim, was young, but eager enough.  He determined what type of battery and prepared to put it in my car, except he didn’t know how to disconnect the old battery.  He asked me to look up a ‘how to’ video on my I-phone to help him.  What?  So I did.  When that didn’t help, I got out the manual and looked it up.  It wasn’t much help…..


Jim was worried about making his boss mad, but he finally agreed to go ask him.  It turned out that there is a special tool for that.  Finally, Jim managed to get it out of the car.  But he didn’t pay attention to how it was in there when he took it out.  So putting the new one in was ….. challenging.  He asked me to help put on the screws, hold his tools, etc.  I thought I was only supposed to watch him, but suddenly I became an apprentice!


Third try is the charm and Jim said, “I think I have it right.  Crank the car and let’s see.”  Then he stepped WAY back from the car.  (No warm fuzzy there.)  But lo and behold, it worked.  He literally beamed and asked me if I would come in the store and tell his manager how well it went.  So I did.  The manager was unimpressed, but I gave an Oscar performance nevertheless.


I went straight to the dealership and asked them to check the installation, but I wouldn’t want Jim to know that.  They said it was ‘a little different’ but would work.  I am comforted that I have a 5 year warranty.  And even though what could have taken 30 minutes in a reasonable world took an hour, I was happy to think that Jim gained a little experience…..  But in parting, I asked him, “Did you just start working here?”  And he replied, “No, I’ve been here 5 years.” 


It’s Monday.  What can I say? 


January 22, 2016

I really thought someone was breaking in the house……


The cat somehow managed during the night, to trap a fake mouse under the glass topped bathroom scale.  I awoke to an ominous scratching sound and odd bumps in the night.  I'm not proud to say I was too chicken to go look and thus missed a lot of sleep……


Next morning, I found the scale in the middle of the bathroom floor and realized who the burglar actually was.  Elated, the cat came rushing in and showed me what the problem was.  He demonstrated how he simply couldn’t reach the mouse and milked it by licking his poor compromised paws and whining a little.  I know he wanted me to release the mouse, but I had lost a lot of sleep…..


So the mouse remains under the glass and the cat is cranky…..  No I won’t let it go on again tonight, but a little longer won’t hurt.  I love that he thinks it’s a real mouse or maybe he doesn’t and is just messing with me.  But either way, it proves that when you least expect it something crazy can and does happen.  And in all the scenarios I was running through my mind all night, this one never came up!


January 21, 2016

Just when I thought I was an okay shopper…..


So I have a teenager and he doesn’t really like to shop.  Moreover, his favorite store is not even close to home, so when I’m near it in my travels, I shop for him.  I used to do that thing where you buy a whole lot of things and bring them home.  He tries them on and I take back what he doesn’t want.  But when it’s in a whole other state, that doesn’t work.  Thank goodness for texting!


So I take pictures of what I think he would like and text them to him.  Problem is the first five pics were a no go.  So I either had to really think out of my box or resort to photographing the whole store.  I did the latter and the sales clerk asked me if I was a mystery shopper!  Well, I guess you could say that.  It was a mystery to me what he liked…..


After about 25 pictures, we managed to hone it down to something doable.  It worked, but it was a lot of work.  The clerk at the register said his mother would never do something like that.  His name was Prince Erik though, so I’m sure she excelled at something….


Isn’t it interesting the things we do in life?  I find it both intriguing and exhausting.  But I’m glad I have someone to shop for.  And for me?  That’s enough.


January 20, 2016

I am thoroughly convinced I was never a pioneer…….


Did you live a past life?  If you believe in such things, you can usually figure it out by thinking about what you know is true and what you care about the most.  If you came into this world and spend your life protesting the rights of animals, perhaps you were one.  If you came into this world and could paint remarkably from your childhood, where does something like that come from?  If you know more about building boats and have an overwhelming urge to do it, that had to come from somewhere.  If the ocean calls to you daily, no matter how happy you are in a landlocked place, where does that longing come from?


It's an age old question and people ask me about it all the time.  Someone I know collects old candle holders from the 1800’s.  She knows more about them than is reasonable.  Sure she’s researched them, but then she knows stuff that research doesn’t cover.  One lady came to see me and told me she knows everything there is to know about quantum physics and never finished high school.  How does that happen? 


It seems we would have to build on what we know throughout the generations to make progress.  And let’s face it, change takes time.  So a Stephen Hawking had to arrive with some prior knowledge to make the changes he is bringing about in our collective consciousness in this lifetime.  Otherwise, he would have had to start from scratch!  Reinvent the wheel…..  Doesn’t make sense.


I like to think that our knowledge follows us.  It makes the world seem so much smarter and brings possibilities to mind that would not otherwise exist.  What do you know about?  How long have you known?  What interested you even as a child and continues to?  Where did it come from?  Fun things to ponder and you may be surprised what you uncover about yourself……


January 19. 2016

So the woman in my book walked across Nebraska…..


Have you driven across Nebraska?  No offense to Nebraska, but that is no small thing!   We drove across Nebraska and I thought it would never end.  So imagine you are a mail order bride, part of a wagon train, bathing in really cold water when you can find it, battling hostile Indians, and you are walking across Nebraska!  I went to the mall yesterday and was frustrated that I had to walk so far from where I parked…..  I probably shouldn’t admit that….


I know people do extraordinary things.  I appreciate that people do extraordinary things.  But I still can’t imagine walking across Nebraska.  And please, that’s not the only state they traversed! 


Are we not as tough as our forebearers?  It would seem so.  Granted we do extraordinary things they didn’t do like keeping up with all things electronic and waiting on hold forever to figure out what we did wrong from someone in another country – or maybe that’s how my day went – it’s hard, but it’s no walk across Nebraska.


I, for one, am glad I don’t have to do something drastic like that and even on my worse day of being a southerner in a northern place, I’m not sleeping in a wagon and cooking over a fire.  Makes you think.  Gives you perspective.  Soothes your soul.  And no, I am not a candidate for reenactment….


January 18, 2016

So I’ve been reading about mail order brides…….


And I can’t for the life of me, figure out who would do that and make a success of it!  I’ve read historical accounts of people on the Oregon Trail, who traveled across the United States to spend the rest of their lives with someone they meet when they get off the stagecoach or train.  Of course, if the stagecoach trips are as rough as they say, maybe it is a better alternative….


Seriously though, what would it take for you to do something like that?  What kind of circumstances would you have to come from to think that is an ideal way to do things?  And let me remind you that even fast forward in 2016 arranged marriages still occur.  Thank God I wasn’t born into that kind of situation, because I just know I would have been kicking and screaming all the way……


I am intrigued about people who do this sort of thing, hence the reading.  Remember, the man had to accept what came, too.  But often they were getting an extra pair of hands to help eke out their lives.  Now imagine stepping off that rocky stagecoach and getting a life sentence both in marriage and really hard work!  It boggles the mind……


So the moral of this blog is:  Go home and hug your spouse.  Appreciate them.  And be glad you have a car!


January 15, 2016

I know why Valentine’s Day is all about candy and flowers……


Because it comes right after the holidays!  You are recovering, reviewing, regrouping, and regaining your strength slowly and bam!  It’s a holiday again!  First thing you think is, “Where’s the chocolate?”  (Oh come on, it’s not just me!)


You are in the midst of dreary winter and you have to believe spring will come again or you will self destruct, so you need to see some flowers!  Bingo!  Valentine’s Day.  It’s brilliant really…….. (Don’t think about it too hard, or you will realize there are people in warmer, sunnier places, because they are the ones sending the flowers to the likes of us.)


So serious measures are on their way and with enough kind creativity, you might be able to make it last until spring……  Embrace cupid at all the stores, those retailers are just trying mightily to help you survive.  And just so you know?  Yes, it is all right to go ahead and sample the chocolate…..


January 14, 2016

It’s easy to get caught up in doing something right………


And then think that because you are, nothing wrong can possibly happen.  If that were true, life insurance really would be a scam.  If everything in this earthly teaching center was all good or all bad, we wouldn’t learn much.  There has to be preferably a balance of the two so the interaction can take place and the optimum learning can occur.


I remember a few months ago when I was robbed.  I kept telling the officer all the things I had done right.  I was incredulous that I got robbed.  I was taking every precaution!  To his credit, he finally said, “Mrs. McWilliams, everyone can get robbed.  It happens every day to someone just like you.  It’s a difficult economy and people steal.”  Oh. 


Please understand that working hard to be kind and good in life is a wonderful thing.  But like they told me as a writer in the newspaper business. “Never make the mistake of believing your own press.” 


Bad things happen to good people.  And even though they may seem overwhelming at the time, good things do too.


January 13, 2016

How come when Mr. Truly Right comes along it’s not forever?


So Cinderella screwed you up, too.  I’ve talked to people who were married from 3-60 years, who were desperately seeking just a little more time.  Real love can do that.  Happy ever after does exist, but forever at least here on earth, does not.  So what to do about it?


Make the most of every day.  Hug them, hold them, tell them you love them, make the extra effort, and count your blessings.  People can predict when you will go back to God, but it’s not a fool proof science.  You have choice and free will and you can change the outcome by the way you make your decisions. 


I talked to someone with Stage 4 cancer and she wanted to know if she was going to die?  The best answer is we all are.  Even if you are diagnosed and given a short time to live, I could still walk out the door and get hit by a bus or a myriad of other things and be perfectly healthy.  You didn’t suddenly get in the short line for benevolence. 


This big teaching center called Earth is not predictable, or fair.  So give it your best shot every day.  Learn from your experiences and be that smarter person from then on.


January 12, 2016

What if he’s not Mr. Right and you think he is?


Oh that totally happens!  Probably more than it does not.  I am often completely amazed at the glaring red flags someone did not choose to see:  “As soon as we started dating, he quit his job and hasn’t worked since.”  “He borrowed money from me, but hasn’t paid it back.”  “He’s not helping with any of the expenses, but he did buy some groceries one time.”  And my favorite, “He’s still married, but they are getting separated.”  Oh Please!


Rule One:  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! 

Rule Two:  Listen to your gut, not your lady parts. 

Rule Three:  If he’s all that, you can take it real slow and still have it all. 

Rule Four:  If you find yourself taking up for him right from the start…….you might be fishing in the wrong pond!  My favorite one of those so far?  “He’s got an addiction to pain meds, but he’s really been stressed out!”  Uh huh…. Why do we lose our brain cells when testosterone appears?  Where do they go and how come it takes so long to get them back? (The brain cells not the guys)


Rule 5 (and this one really matters):  You bring to yourself what you put out there into the world.  So if you are putting out scared and needy?  You’ll get a user.  Put out I need to have a baby right now, and you will get a baby daddy.  Maybe not every time, but enough that I wouldn’t recommend you take a chance……..


If it’s not simple science and reasonable math?  It’s a train wreck looking for a place to happen.


January 11, 2016

What if Mr. Right comes along and he doesn’t know it?


As an intuitive, I can tell when a relationship is a good bet.  Every great now and then, I get to see one actually happen and I always learn from the experience.  In the fall of 2015, just such a hookup occurred with friends.  I was hesitant to introduce them, because let’s face it there are no guarantees and I didn’t want to be the scapegoat, but I did it anyway, with a whole lot of caveats…..


They went at the relationship like a labor of love and anyone would have bet it was a keeper.  But she got cold feet and broke it off after about 4 months.  In other words, Mrs. Right got scared, needed instant gratification, and could not stick around to see it happen in real time……


When she wakes up and smells the coffee, she will come back around.  But it will be too late……  Trust was broken and that’s a hard thing to get back.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen many people do it.  I guess that brings me to:  How many Mr. Rights are there?  How many second chances should there be?  Do the choices get better or worse?  If you learn from your mistakes, will it help? 


All great points to ponder, but either way, this bus has left the station.  And that’s just sad.



January 15. 2016

It's a playdate.......


My husband travels a whole lot, but today he is home and we are running errands.  For us, that's a date!  We get to go to lunch, buy birdseed, get our glasses repaired, get the tires rotated, and pick up our son from school together.  We get caught up in real time and that's a big deal.


It's hard to make time for a relationship.  It seems that is the first thing to go off the calendar when something else comes up.  But it is just as important as anything else, maybe more.  One of the top complaints from people seeking divorce is a lack of communication.  So if you are trying to avoid that end, you better listen up! 


As a newly married couple, we were advised to always have a date night.  That's still a little tough to manage, but a playdate with errands?  We can do that!  Put the people who matter to you on your priority list.  And don't forget to stop for ice cream on the way home!



January 14, 2016

If your are measuring it in dog years........


It's time to get out of it.  I admit to spoiling my son on occasion, but I don't look at things the same way some do either.  He explained to me that the 40 minute bus ride home from school is undisciplined and for him the time is measured in 'dog years' (times 7).  I checked on the policies that are in place about discipline for that particular bus driver and he is right.  As long as no one dies, the driver is not concerned.  No they aren't all the same way, but this one is.  So for him and who he is, it's a very long time and has lasting effects.  Suffering occurs. 


Today I talked with someone who has been in a realtionship for 30 years.  But she explained that because of the nature of it, it felt like 150 and had really taken a toll on her.  In dog years, she was close.  Could she get out of it and know she had tried her best?  When is enough time to put into something?  Well, if you are measuring based on what other people think, you will never know for sure.  But if you find yourself in dog years, it's time to get out.


Suffering can be measured.  And in most instances, if you asked objective people how much longer you should suffer?  They would agree you had done enough.  That might not change anything, but it will help you put a stop to it.  On the other hand, if you are dealing with someone who has no regard for your suffering?  You also need to get out. 


Often we do something way past the time we should walk away just because it is familiar and we know how to do it.  We are not so sure about what would happen if we started something new, so we stick with the familiar.  But seriously, if it's out of control, it's time to reconsider.  It's simply really.  If you wander at all?  You've suffered enough.



January 13, 2016

It's fun to talk about......


Something you really love.  If you pay attention talking to someone, when they talk about something that really matters to them, their eyes light up.  That's when you see the true person and get a glimpse of their core.  I always like to know what makes someone get that gleam, because from there you can bring them to what they don't understand and appreciate the journey.


I get frustrated with people who tell me they've been in counseling over something for years and are no closer to their goal.  No, it's not always the counselors fault.  The person does have to be willing to change or to at least consider alternatives and have an open mind.  But those that are really trying do not need to languish for years to get to the crux of the matter.


Maybe they need to redefine what they are working on.  Someone recently was struggling with a relationship, but we discovered pretty quickly that she didn't even know the definition of love.  She had never put the parameters for it in place and was looking for something she would not be able to identify even if she found it.  Often, we don't give ourselves credit for growing and changing.  We look at ourselves, expecially with our parents, as the kid we were, when we are fully grown up and have benefit of our experiences.  I challenge people to grow themselves up if they are struggling.  I know it's not easy, but neither is the alternative.  Collect all you have learned and change the rules to who you actually are now.  Bring yourself to the present in mind, body and spirit, then grow from there.  At the very least, if you are judging yourself, be sure to do it based on who you were at the time.  Please be fair.


It's hard to be a grownup.  It is hard to know what other people expect from you, but more importantly, it is hard to know what you expect from yourself.  But you have control!  Make a list.  Figure it out.  Be who you are today.  Get your gleam on......


January 12, 2016

Rockin the RV's...............


Years ago, I wrote a series of articles about camping in recreational vehicles.  We own one and I love it.  When friends asked us if we wanted to go to the RV show I was all about it.  What a crazy place!  TONS of people milling in and out of campers so close together you could hand a cup of coffee out the window to your neighbor.....


I'm all about dreaming, but at an RV show it takes on a whole new meaning.  From the ones who are aspiring to buy a small pop up, to the people who are looking at the huge luxury - get this - land yachts, it is a study in human psychology.  I could hear my grandmother saying, "It takes all kinds of people to make a world!"  I admit to loving a $600k land yacht myself, but I know that is not going to happen!  Just like those pop ups where your bed hangs out the side held up by canvas is not going to happen.... 


I'm amazed at the people who bring all their children to see if they will fit inside.  One family with 6 children found the perfect small trailer to pull behind their van, while a family of three was having trouble with the 'lack of space' in a land yacht 5 times the size.  It's was all crazy and exhausting.


Either way though , dreaming is fun and harmless.  When we were first married, my husband and I used to go to the mall and shop for things we couldn't afford.  It was a great way to learn about each other.  I highly recommend it for a date if you are considering a life with someone.  And who knows?  We may all come into money and need more options to choose from. 


January 11, 2016

I sit in awe......


My heart is full.  I watched my son rehearse with a pianist and his tuba for a competition.  She is a serious pianist and nothing gets past her.  She is strict and expects that you will come prepared and never, ever waste her time.  There is serious money involved and rightly so.  One word:  Formidable.


When I was growing up, I took piano lessons for years.  I entered competitions and had a piano teacher who would, with no qualms whatsoever, whack you on the had with a wooden ruler if you screwed up.  I know formidable when I see it!  And yet, after the first run through with my son, the pianist turned to him and said, "That was simply lovely.  You have the chops to be here and compete with the best."  Oh my soul!  He, mister man of very few words, simply said, "Thanks."


There is just something about seeing someone you love do something extraordinary (at least to you) that puts the world into perspective.  I was so delighted for him.  Sure he practices, he researches his music (I never did that!), he observes others in his profession, but he also embraces it.  I love that for him.


I know I will take this teenager to the car and he will immediately say he is hungry and complain about me stopping by the store on the way home.  But it's okay, because I will know he afforded me that glimpse into who he is and I loved it.


January 8, 2016

Talk about a challenge……


I love computer geeks, they have got me to this point in my career so far and I really appreciate that. I have a very old (8 years in real time is like 150 in tech time right?), desktop and a gazillion files on it, so it was way past time. My husband thought having something to work on that was portable while I wait on my son was a great idea and it is. But I am so tech challenged! Geeks actually fear me……


Just setting the darn thing up, I screwed up something and had to go back to Best Buy for them to restart the whole computer, so I could begin again. They got me over that hump and my husband walked out smiling that he had the foresight to buy the geek protection. Brilliant man. Clearly knows me.


Here’s what I know about my laptop so far and I want to share it with you. It’s pretty. It smells nice and new. It has a touch screen, but you have to be careful what you touch. I have a beautiful screen saver and I can do the word processing part. After that? AAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

But everyone assures me I still have enough brains to make it all work out, because the geeks had me in mind when they invented/created it, and I cannot break it. I am not convinced, but I am working on it.


Did I mention Geeks fear me?


January 7, 2016

I fell off the earth during the holidays.


My everyday life is hectic, filled with carpooling, squeezing in work, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and a whole ton of communication. I love it, but when I get to disconnect from it I really am brilliant at that skill. So for two very blissful weeks? I was not available outside my tiny circle of friends and family and I really liked it that way.


In real life, my husband travels all the time and I don’t get to spend much time with him. He took the two weeks off and that was bliss! A grownup to talk to and hang around with! Yay me! My son, because there was no snow or he would have been at the ski resort, was actually home and rested, so I got hugs and we had real conversations that did not include, “Do you have any homework?” I loved it and I soaked it up like a sponge because I won’t see them again like that until April and then for only 3 days…….


But I’m back now. So instead of explaining that yes, I did take two weeks off and got behind on my website, work, and usual phone calls, let’s just agree that it was a good thing. I hope you got the opportunity to do it, too.


January 6, 2016

Returns, reorders, follow-ups, and thank you notes……


Yes, I still send out thank you notes on real paper with a stamped envelope. My son has pointed out repeatedly that no one does that anymore, but he’s wrong, I still do. I love to just send that little bit of ‘from me to you’ and let someone know I care. I believe that one day we will all mourn the loss of the notes in snail mail…..


Over the holidays, when all the teenagers were texting each other in the same room to communicate, I suggested they just look up and talk to each other, but they couldn’t hear me, they were busy texting. They do make comments, as they use their phones, but not in a ‘look you in the eye’ kind of way. When they do grow up and need to communicate, will they be able to? I wonder about that a lot…..


Returns are a whole other thing. My husband shops for me at Christmas, but I confess I usually return it. This year, he gave me a sweater that is just beautiful, but has an empire waist and makes me look pregnant. It’s going back. He is so grumbly about that! I appreciate his dilemma, but kindly pointed out that the same book he ordered them from had ample pages turned down by me with circles around what I wanted and sizes noted. My guidance is if you are going to avoid what I want and work freelance, there is a very high probability that it will be going back. Although I do love the gesture.


Which leads me to calling the moms to see if what I sent was acceptable. This year I just called one in advance and said, “We will be visiting and work out what you really want then.” In my defense, there was no carefully marked catalog to choose from!

But thank God, we are on the other side of this shopping madness and today I bought a scarf I really like for $1.46. So it’s all good.



January 5, 2016

When you can prove the mind is going…….


That’s really sad. In an effort to write 2016, I dated a check 2014. It appears I am somewhat behind….. Don’t you worry about yourself when you do something like that? My son said, “Mom, it’s 2016!” And he was a little bit concerned about me. You know I am getting older and we have to be concerned about these things……. I tried to tell him it happens to everyone, but apparently that is NOT a 15 year old problem….


At this rate, about the time I get around to 2016 it will be 2017 and I will have to start all over again. It’s just one challenge after another isn’t it?! And on top of everything else, my husband is talking about taxes. Ugh! I really don’t want to hear about that whole hassle and it’s only the 5th! Can’t we wait a little longer to get into the year? Please?


Okay. 2016 it is. Taxes are due in April. My anniversary is in 2 weeks. Valentine’s Day is in 5 weeks. Someone throw me a lifeline! I started the year behind!


2016 is already kicking my butt…..


January 4, 2016

And so it begins again…….


Early mornings, carpooling, schedules, and work. My husband left at 4 in the morning and won’t be back until Friday night at midnight. My son had to be at school early, so I was up at 6 packing him a lunch and warming up the car. “Oh and by the way Mom, I need……..” And so it goes……


And just like that you are wondering, “When is the next holiday?” Which gives you an all new appreciation for Hallmark, even though you were not happy about them weeks earlier and won’t be for sure in February!


It’s hard to get back in the swing of things. Thirteen days into our winter vacation, my son said he was officially bored. That didn’t happen to me. He recovered quickly with texts out to friends and by the time school started again, he was wishing for more days off. But don’t we all?

So here’s to everyone who had to drag themselves out of bed this morning and really did not appreciate Monday. May we all remember the joy of a holiday and have the fortitude to make it to the next one!


January 1, 2016

Just in case it’s true that what you do……..


On the first day of the month will happen all year, we all slept in! Please universe, does that mean no more early mornings? Please? We also ate brunch complete with pancakes and watched a leisurely movie all comfy in our chairs and blankets. So can we expect more of that, too? Well…..bring it on!


Growing up, we had to have black eyed peas, turnip greens, cornbread, and my mother still puts a penny in the greens. If you are eating and get the penny, you will have a very rich year! So far it hasn’t proven to be true, but we are also a superstitious bunch, so it remains a tradition….. At my house, no one eats black eyed peas and turnips but me, so we don’t have that. This year we had left over lasagna from the new year’s eve party and salad. Does that count?


Mostly it was just cozy and fun. Sleepy, snuggy, and filled with love. Not a whole lot to worry about and a whole weekend to prepare for the new year. Not really traditional, but perfect just the same.





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